Safe Flights in 2009


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As this new year begins remember that you, as pilots, strive for professionalism. Maybe not actually working for a company flying, but a professional that you take in understanding being a pilot. Strive for safety in all of your flights, pass that along to other pilots you know.

Take that extra minute or two to insure a proper walk around before a flight. Use your checklist, either after flows, or as your primary function. If you get stopped, start it over again to insure safety. Double and triple check your fuel for cross country flights. If VFR use flight following when possible.

Remember to always fly the plane first. Work any issues as logically as possible. If help is needed, even a non-pilot passenger can help watch for other traffic.

Most importantly, enjoy the flight. It's not always the destination, it's the adventure getting there. It's the people you meet inroute that adds to your life, and your attitude adds to theirs'. You never know when your last flight may be, or your last day on this planet might be. Make everyone worthwhile.

I welcome all pilots and aviators to add to their words of widson to bring more safety to flying.

Safe Flights my friends. Make 2009 the safest year in aviation.