Roth IRA/401k


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I've got a bunch of money sitting around in savings that I probably need to start doing something with and feel like I should have something more than the company match/401k. Any suggestions on where to get started or which one would be better?
Always take the company match with the 401K and then evaluate your tax situation with both a Roth and Traditional IRA. Most pilots will be better off with a Roth as their higher earning years are later. Also the best flowchart I've see for where to put your money.
I started a similar thread a while back and was convinced Vanguard and their low cost ETFs where the best route for myself. I’ve been playing around with Robin Hood, but that’s just for fun and self education.
Who is your 401k through? That would be a good starting point for looking for financial advice IMO. Unless it's through John Hancock...

My roth is with Merill Lynch, and the guy I meet with locally has been good. Especially since I NEED all of the cars!

There is definitely a balance between maxing things out to where 65 year old you could have fun an current you having fun. 65 year old me is gonna have a GREAT time and I'm trying to shift some of that to this guy is going to have some fun at this point. Hard to do in this profession. We all have met THAT guy...
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