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Hey everyone,

I am planning on trying to pursue a doble major in Aviation Operations and Meteorology, yet I am also considering doing the ROTC route to become an Air Force pilot. How does the Air Force look on candidates who are in the ROTC program but have to take more than 4 years to finish up the degree?

Are you already in school? You have a couple of routes you can take. Keep in mind that in the AF or any other service for that matter, that you are an officer first. If you are going in to just fly, you may be disappointed.

ROTC has a 2 and 4 year program. It really does not matter when you start. I know guys that went in the 4 year program "late" (juniors) in their academic career and opted to go to grad school to finish out. From my experience it just depends on which route you take. Best thing to do is talk to the folks at the detachment at your school. They will be more than willing to work with you. Hope this helps.
ROTC was a great deal for me. I had a scholarship, so not only did the Air Force pay for school, but they gave me a kick arse job when I graduated. Sure, the commitment is 10 years after pilot training now, so about 11 years total, but its well worth it. The job is stable, the training top notch, and I really enjoyed the life style. I'm still doing the reserve thing and enjoying it.

As posted earlier, talk with the ROTC detachment at your school. They can give you all the skinny on getting involved. Minimum used to be two years in ROTC to get commissioned, so some started as juniors, and some went through grad school and ROTC.
If you are on scholarship ROTC will want you to get "a" degree and get out. If you can complete a double major in the std. four years that's great. If it's a highly technical major, they usually make exceptions to extend your scholarship til your 5th yr, of course that can't be because of bad grades
If you've got detailed questions private mess. me, I work with all the ROTC officers here at VT.