Want to Buy Rollaboard


I'm looking for a rollaboard with low miles. I'm particularly interested in a Strong Bags Bortex or Luggage Works Stealth Air or Executive. If anybody has any of these sitting in a closet collecting dust, I'll gladly take it off your hands.



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Hmm. I've got a strongbags vortex. It's a couple years old, but lightly used. Never checked, always in an overhead. Shoot, I think I've taken it on more trips in the car than on a flight haha. I used to fly a lot more (not as a pilot, but just traveling in general) and wanted a robust bag like the flight crews had, because my beloved 8 year old Travelpro was broken during the baggage handling process. Around that same time I also stopped traveling less and gave up the frequent flier gig. I fly maybe once or twice per year commercially, and maybe 2-4 weekend trips in a car. I've only used it once this year, and it was a short roadtrip. I figured I'd get some use out of it again about a year ago with a survey job, but that fell through and now I'm just CFI'ing. Anyway I guess what I'm getting at is that it mostly just sits in the closet, gets used literally a few times per year, and is in really good shape. I just checked the invoice from when I bought it, it was a late June 2016 purchase and it arrived in early July 2016, so it's just over two years old. The Vortex is now a 21" model, back then it was a 22" bag. I have no idea what the market is for secondhand pilot bags, so if you have a number in mind feel free to shoot me a message.