Ride in a MD11, 717, or a MD90EFD Full Flight Simulator


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If you interested in riding in a 717, MD11, MD90EFD full flight simulator, send me an email


Training is slow and the instructors will take you into one of simulators with an instructor and take it for a spin.

$299 for a hour in a full flight simulator, level D, Day time & Night Time visual.
It is amazing, it looks and feels like the actual aircraft.

I got to try out one of United's DC-10 sims for free once. I was taking physics in high school and the father of one of my classmates was a DC-10 captain for United. He arranged for the whole class to give it a try. We each only got to take off, fly once around the pattern and land, but it was a blast. I think that was when I decided I wanted to be a pilot for a living.
My first time in a full flight simulator was in a TWA 747 simulator back in New York. The pilots had a good laugh when I crashed the simulator on my first landing attempt, but were pissed when I had a perfect landing my second time out!
With that I got out of the seat in a hurry, I did not want to press my luck.

Just out of curriosity, what happens when you crash in a simulator? Does the screen just go blank or do you see flames or what? What does it feel like?
The screen goes red & the simulator shudders and simulates the reason for the crash, whether it is a hard landing, engine flame out, or a broken strut, etc.

Cool! Does it hurt?
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Cool! Does it hurt?

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I'm thinkin' that it doesn't hurt during the REAL thing.

Kind of like the question: "If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around....."

Just MHO.
I'm thinkin' that it doesn't hurt during the REAL thing.

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It all depends on the Crash.... I'm sure those crashes people walk away with there lives from hurts ...
There have been people killed in simulators before - but for reasons other than student's crashing the thing

I know of a TWA captain that peed his pants b/c he got so freaked out in an emergency during sim training. It's that realistic.