Riddle Raising Tuition....Again!!!


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Here's a news flash for ya'll (sorry the news is about a month old). Riddle is raising tuition again. Current students will be hit by an 8% increase next school year (2002-03). And another 8%, compounded, in 2003-04 school year.

For new students entering next year, the tuition increase will be even more painfull. Next school year will see a 16% increase, and in 2003-04 another 16% increase (compounded)
. This means that incoming students will be paying $17,850 in 2002 and $20,700 in 2003, compared to the current cost of $15,370. That's just the tuition increase. You still have to add Room & Board expenses on top of that.

Of course these are just the tuition increases. Riddle also plans to increase the already ridiculous flight fees and student fees each year by 6% compounded.

Why is the administration doing this? Well, no one knows, but speculation on the newspaper staff is that the school is trying to do two things. One, make the school more selective without raising the academic standards (in other words narrow eligible students to the rich population). And two, make up for the pathetically low endowment that the university receives from its alumni. Embry-Riddle ranks amongst the lowest of the low when it comes to how much the alumni donate back to the university.

I love the school, and I do plan on staying here. But this increase would definetly make me think twice about it if I was an entering student who was subject to these tremendous increases. And I figured I better get it out there, as I doubt that Riddle will be including this tidbit of info in their 2002-03 admissions flyer.

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I cant believe it. Before this I thought the school was way to over priced. I bet I know why the school is doing this....so the dean of students can afford to zip around in his/her new citation that I heard they have!
That's really bad news. I probabably will not be going there for at least the next 2 years. I'll go to a CC for 2 and then mabey transfer depending on the tuition for the last two. ERAU is already a ridiculusly expensive school to begin with. Of course the alumni don't donate much to them because they're dirt poor by the time they get out.
right ed, I was considering going to Riddle, because it has a great rep, nice facilities, and of course is in Datona Beach
, but atfer looking up the costs i questioned was the school really worth it. Now this puts the nail in the coffin. I know i cant afford that! Im not even going to waste my time to fill out my apllication!
Hi, I am new here but thought I would add my 2 cents. I too was looking into going to embry, but found that by going to the university of connecticut I would save almost 40000 dollers w/ flight training. I am now going to have a cfi by the end of the summer, work for 3 years and have enogph time to join a regional apon graduation. I have been to Embry, it is beautiful and I must say their academic program is good, but they feed a lot a bull sometimes which was another reason I decided not to attend. Now I am recieving a very good education from the school of buisness and saving money.That kinda of money is really insane when you tack on thier high price of flight training.(you pay a premium for those brand new aircraft)I am very well off, my family makes a very good salary, but they even said that those kind of rates are amazingly high. You really have to factor in those flight training costs to see how much it will really cost you. 25000 with room and board will quickly turn into 35000 dollers per year.
How is Embry about transfer credits? Right now I'm attending school to get all of my general education stuff out of the way (accounting, english and other non-flight related subjects). I hope to be able to get two years out of the way and then apply to Riddle. Does this sound like a good plan or unrealistic?
Transfer Credits:

I'm a senior at riddle in the aerosci program. I did my first two years at Mercer county comm. in NJ that has a pt141 flight school. Riddle and MCCC have a transfer agreement so I walked into riddle w/ the same amount of credits as i left MCCC with. I have many friends who transfered to riddle from other places and didn't have a problem getting credits. I suggest getting a course catalog from ERAU and taking only those General Ed classes that match the discription in riddles catalog with your schools catalog. Thats exacly how schools decide on what credits to accept. Also call the transfer counselers at riddle, they will tell you more then i can.
hope thist info helps