Return To FSI (called back instructor)


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Hey Guys, (I'm an called back instructor, about to start instructing at FSI)

I just went back to the academy this past week, although it wasn't the purpose of my trip to Vero Beach it was great to get back to the academy and see the staff.

Having been back once or twice to the academy, it was uplifting to see everyone in good spirits.

I'm really eager to start, the other pilots are optomistic about regional hiring and the word is that another standardization class may be soon to follow mine.

I went to the book store to find out that as a new instructor, you're "loaned" during the duration of your employment all the books you could need! All the FAA weather books, POH's for the aircraft etc are all given to you. They were even nice enough to give me some of those blue binders!

I'm left feeling proud that I'll be part of such a great school,

Best wishes,


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Hey Baronman-

Glad to hear you finally made it back to the Academy...Your departure timing was perfect, considering winter has already reared its ugly head on Long Island...Glad I am now in the South as well...Anyway, enjoy your time in Vero and good luck in Standardization.



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How long has it been, after you finished the CFI training with FSI, before they called you back?

Oops, should have read your original post. A year to wait isn't to bad if you can find work for that year. Go for it full time at FSI and don't look back. We are waiting to hear of when you get the call for the regional basic indoc.