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Here is a general question regarding building your resume. I am a sophomore getting my degree in Aviation. Right now I am not in any extracurricular activities or anything of the sort since I am taking a pretty demanding course load. I was wondering if airlines weigh the amount of extracurricular activities or public service you have done? Does the fact that you were in the "XYZ" club have a bigger effect on the fact that you know how to fly the aircraft safely and with precision? I am getting in one of those "Oh my God, I graduate in 2(hopefully) years and go into the real world an unemployed 22 year old moods." Is it better to focus on keeping my GPA strong right now? I appreciate any/all comments. Thanks a lot.

The only thing that matters to the airlines, is that you have a degree, the hours and experience. They don't care what you major was or where you got it. You could get a Masters in Basket weaving and the only thing they care about is that you have the degree.
I've been told that some interviewers prefer to see that you have some interests outside aviation. After all, the big question that they will be asking themselves (after "is this guy qualified?") is "would I want to spend a month in an enclosed space with this guy?"

Additionally (and conversely), I've also heard that some people like to see extracurricular aviation experience. For example, if you are a CAP mission pilot or a member of your school's flying team, that might show that you have a commitment and skill that is above average.

I think that honor societies, etc. are not a bad bet either since they show that you are a good student, and hence, can probably pass the initial training.

By all means, keep the GPA strong and get a degree. The rest is gravy.
I used to be only care about degrees and ratings. Then I met my friends dad who was a 20 year crew chief at the local f16 unit, turns out I could be a good candidate. Except now Im scrambling to get a life outside of aviation, get some leadership positions, getting the gpa up. I thought I could forget all those verbal and s.a.t. type skills once I got into college. Now I regret it, because I was always told airlines only care about a 4 year degree and flying experience. If I were you it nots going to hurt to get involved in something outside of aviation.
As we all know aviation can be an all consuming passion - the biggest mistake students make(and believe me I've been there) is totally focus your life on aviation - get out and develop interests and skills outside of flying. If you don't a couple of years into your career you'll start feeling the burnout begin and be looking for the closest revolver. Well maybe not that bad but especially in today's aviation world you need something in your life that's non aviation related to keep you sane. Sports, computers, whatever. As far as airlines wanting to see extracurriculars - I really don't think the 'airlines' care but as mentioned above the guys doing the interviews may - they're looking for a well rounded total person that they would like to spend 3 to 5 days together at a time - if they only thing you have to talk about is flying it's going to be a long trip.

Do it for your benefit. Extra curricular activity and community involvement is a good deal anywhere. It makes you a well rounded person. As most have said, keep the gpa up, get the piece of paper(degree), become proficient in your ratings and charge that hill...

Best wishes.