Reno Bound

He's done an incredible job putting this aircraft together since I saw it last year. Hope he has a great performance at Reno.
Now you're getting the hang of the blurry prop. Looks nice. Notice how it gives it a completely different feel?
Hopefully I get furloughed next year so I cano go!

Pics look amazing. So jealous.
Anyone going to be at the Races this next week? I am, drop a PM if you want to meet up.
This weekend is Tailhook and next week is the Air Races...that what you mean?

I'm here for Hook, just meant if there was anything race wise goin on yet. Have always wanted to go, but it's always the week after hook :(
There are people and airplanes out at Stead all ready, so if you can peel yourself away for a couple hours and hitch a ride out to Stead, it might be worth your while.
Planes will be on the course today, some could possibly qualify today, too.
For the interested, Precious Metal is going faster than it ever has around the course, even with the shorter course this year.

Good on 'em! It sounds like over the last year they've been able to go in and fix a lot of what has been wrong with that airframe for years.

In other news, the first bent metal happened yesterday -- the modified Hawker Sea Fury "Furias" ground looped and sustained significant damage yesterday after a gear retraction and extension problem. This has unfortunately been a bit of a 'hard luck' airplane since the 1980s, and lots of folks including myself were pulling for it to do well this year. The current owner has spent two years pouring lots of money and work into fixing past modification.