Refund policy stated by contract


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Hear are some insights of what my application for admission states and what the actual contract has to say about refunds.

Application for Admission: “A check or money order made payable to Pan Am International Flight Academy or a credit card payment (we need the credit card number and expiration date) in the amount of $500 (domestic students) or $1,000 (international students) must accompany this application. This deposit will be applied to your training costs. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED.”
Payment: “An initial deposit of $500 for domestic students and $1,000 for international students is due with application. This deposit will be applied to your training account upon enrollment.”

Refund Policy: “Should termination of this contract become necessary for any reason, the following refund policy will apply: Once the applicant has enrolled he/she shall be responsible for any and all training provided plus any and all other expenses incurred up to and including the final training activity in which the student participates or was scheduled to participate. This activity includes, but is not limited to any of the following: groundschool, flight in an aircraft, briefing with an instructor, flighty training device session, simulator session, organized study session, written examination, or applicable no-show charges. All moneys paid by an Applicant, less any charges posted to the Student’s account, are refunded if requested within three days after signing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment. For an Applicant who withdraws or is terminated after three days but prior to completion of the program, the School shall refund all moneys paid less all applicable charges including an administrative fee and a $250.00 visa processing fee (if applicable). The administrative fee shall be the lesser of $2,000.00 or 10 percent of the Student’s unused tuition amount. The unused tuition amount will be calculated by subtracting the actual program costs incurred by the student (up to and including the date of official withdrawal) from the Student’s estimated tuition amount listed on Page 1 of this agreement. Any refund amounts will be less any unpaid charges and non-program charges owed by the student. Any money to be refunded to the Student will be returned no earlier than 30 days after the date of official withdrawal or termination, and no later than 60 days after the date of official withdrawal or termination. Any refunds will be made payable to the individual or institution making the original payment(s) unless express written permission is received by that person or intuition.”

Now I never had my $500 deposit applied to my training account and it says in writing that it will. I am waiting to see how long it will take Pan Am to send my money back to Key. If they go over the 60 days, I will be pissed and may have to take action. The above is what is stated on my contract, and new contracts may or may not have the same clauses. So if any of you idiots from administration are reading, you had better stick to the contract and refund the student their money within the timeframe stated. If the money is not refunded within the 60 days stated, Pan Am will be breaking the contract and should have legal action taken upon them. After all, if a student breaks the contract, which happens all the time, Pan Am takes action by taking part of the student’s money.
I never got mine back, but I forgot about it and I think it's a little late now
i was looking through my statements and have no evidence of thast $500.00 being put toward my training costs.
All of you guys.....please look to see if Pan Am actually charged you the $500 deposit. They did not refund mine but said that they never billed me for it. I looked in all of my statements and never saw a charge for the deposit. I smell another fish somewhere. So check your credit card reciepts to see if they charged you for it. If you gave them a check or if you payed cash, then you know you gave it to them. I am curious about something, just check and see. Thanks.
mine was by check and i have the canceled check as well as the carbon copy. have no indication of it being applied to my account at any point, so i assume the are just holding it until i request it. i hope

Yeah sort of still a cfi with a few extras... its a long story- you can pm me I can explain- by the way.... do I know you?