Reendorsing from a lost logbook


My first student lost his logbook, I have since moved to a different school and completed a renewal by way of adding my MEI. The owner of the school asked if I would be willing to sign the logbook entries from the lost flights, I obliged.

Since my expiration date has changed from the initial time I endorsed them, I was thinking of filling out all the endorsements I gave him, and signing the flights with my current expiration date, and in the back explaining what I did and noting that the expiration date of my CFI# was different at the time of initial endorsement. Does this sound alright? I've never had a student lose one.
Seems reasonable to me. I would probably put a note somewhere in the new book saying that all entries before 'this' date were recreated and an explanation why.
By endorsing you're saying that "as of right now I am certifying this entry", so I'd sign it with your current exp date. A small signed note in a memo section explaining they are recreations seems good to me.
I probably wouldn't bother recreating an endorsement if it was for a knowledge test/practical test that has already been taken.

BFR/IPC and tailwheel/HP endorsements, yes
Our DPE suggested I call the FSDO for guidance, he mentioned an AC dealing with this issue. The ops inspector knew nothing of that. I explained what I was doing and he said it sounded good to him.

In the remarks on each line I reference a lengthy note I put (and signed) in the back explaining it was recreated by referencing the rental invoices, my logbook as well as my 61.189 records. If uncertainty existed about a column it was left blank, blah blah blah, the dates I re-created are xx/xx/xxxx--xx/xx/xxxx, and following a syllabus we covered: a,b,c,d,e, etc.... singed, dated, cfi#, exp, etc