Red Rocks on Friday?


Island Bus Driver
Same deal as always. A stop at In and Out (shut up @Rocketman99... it's how we roll) around 11 or so for lunch and then out to Red Rocks for a quick hike off the tip of the VERY phallic looking road to a nice little spring in the hills. Normally we are back by 3 so people have plenty of time to put their faces on for the big dance.

I'm going to rent a car so I've got room for 3 people right now until other people with cars decide to go.
DH will be there with a car. I am iffy at this point since I still can't walk two weeks after my fall. :(
I may be bringing my car. I was gonna take a Bonanza, but got nobody to ride with me, and I'm a little ... ok, a lot poor at the moment. So I'll most likely have either have a big ol' Chevy 2500HD (seats six crammed full) or a Mazda RX-8 (Seats four, as long as nobody's 6'5"+).

So I can most likely haul a few, if needed.

Red Rocks "hike" (it's more of a stroll).

Meet in the lobby at the Monte Carlo at 10:45am on Friday morning.

Grab lunch at In and Out (for us poor deprived people that are stuck with Five Guys or nothing at all).

Head out to Red Rocks and be back by mid afternoon.

So far @jskibo and @FlyByWire22 are confirmed. I've got room for one more in my car.

Who else?