Recommended Books??


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Hey guys,

Someone recommended to me "Understanding Flying" by Richard Taylor... is it good?

Essentially, I am looking for a book that deals with Theory of Flight (instrumentation, the physics of flight, factors affecting performance, etc). I want something that is:
- easy to read
- includes pictures and examples
- does not focus on math equations
- will be useful for cfi training and beyond (ie. nothing that is too basic; I am currently working on CPL)

Thanks a lot guys.
The problem with stick and rudder is that much of the aerodynamics info is wrong. Its an interesting book, but not the best to learn from. Also it certainly does not fit into the "easy to read" category.
You want an exact aerodynamic book go buy an engineer's manual; you want a down to earth - just what you need book that's actually revelant on everything flying get Stick and Rudder in my opinion; I've never read Understanding Flying so can't help you there
For something a little more advanced I would recomend

The Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics


Aircraft Systems for Pilots

It would be a stretch to call either one a page turner but both are very good.
Stick and Rudder should not be your first book. Once you get close to the PPL, or anytime after... definitely get it. Some parts of it ware a bit wacky, but the parts of that ARE NOT WACKY are the parts that will save you ASS. when flying fromw downwind to final, I do not think I have ever had the ball out of the cage EVER after reading that book. And also, since reading that book, there are several types of stall scenarios I train and practice regularly...
You don’t need an engineering manual for good aerodynamics. I found "The Illustrated Guide To Aerodynamics" by H.C. Skip Smith to be very readable and a great intro book.

Also the good ole government text “Airplane Flying Handbook” FAA-H-8083-3 is worth having on the shelf.