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Well i am 16 years old. a sophmore in highschool.It has always been my dream to become a commercial airline pilot. I live in the Saint Louis area. and i was wondering if anyone could give me any information or recamendations on flight schools in my area. again im only 16 and im probably going to wait untill either after high school or after i get my bacholors degree to get my pilots license and get all of the requirements. after that im planning on becoming a flight instructor to get practice in and to put hours in my logbook. Also i would really like to talk to a pilot. You know just to really put my on the right path to getting my licenses and hours soon. So if anyone would like to talk to me about it my E-Mail is thank you so much hope you can help!
Hey man, welcome to the site!

From what I've seen, earlier is better for flight training. If you can, train during high school and college so you'll basically be job-ready when you get out.

I don't know a thing about flight schools around STL, but the best thing would probably be to go have a look yourself. Your instructor has A LOT to do with a successful training experience, so take time to get to know some. See what you like or don't like about them and compare and contrast.

If you haven't yet, I'd suggest poking around itself. It's got all kinds of helpful tips.

Good luck!
Just read dude, occasionally there'll be some really interesting threads. Also, a lot of the threads give insight on how people have got to where they are now. A lot of it is who you know, and if your in the right place at the right time. This website was set up in part to help with networking. Read all of the perspectives, it's pretty cool to see how things fell into place for some guys.

As far as training goes, many will tell you to stay away from the "academy" approach (such as ATP). Try googling what flight clubs there are in your area, and any "mom and pop" flight schools also. These are usually the cheapest avenues for flight training, but also equally beneficial to you. If I were you, I'd start my training now. You'll have the opportunity to build up more hours which can only help you.
Welcome to JC!!!

I was in your shoes about 7 months ago and now am about to start working as a CFI. As far as when you start your all depends on you. I started w/ an FBO and loved it, but I wanted to get my ratings quick, so I took out a loan and took a leap of faith. It worked for me but that route isn't for everyone. You really have to look at the big picture. It's awesome you're interested at such a young age...stick with it! It's an awesome career.....for the most part :bandit:
I highly recommend starting in high school. Perhaps get a part time job, and fly one or two hours a week? That is what I did and it has worked out pretty well.
Right on bro!
I live about 2 hours south of you here in Springfield, MO!!!
I am in your EXACT shoes!
16 and a soph. :D
I'm going to go to University of Hawai'i in Honolulu and major in something like Meteorology probably.
Than I'm just going to get training and flight instruct at an FBO out there.
I will get my private in HS most likely.
wow hawaii? sounds expensive! im probably going to go to MTSU and get all of my training there. as well as get my bachelors degree there too. I talked to someone and they said that i could become a CFI by my Juinor year and start instructing and get my hours up then once i graduate im prolly gana come back here and instruct and get my hours up at Spirit Of Saint Louis. and hopefully get hired by a regional! but yea good luck to you! what school do you go to by the way?
There are several schools here in St. Louis. Try searching St. Charles Flying Service or if you are on the Illinois side then try Langa Air. Or just find a CFI and an airplane.

I too recommend getting started as soon as time and finances allow. Especially with summer coming up.

If you ever need anything just let me know.
From my experience with high school students...

Flight training is serious. It is not a hobby. It is not like another class or honors class or whatever. You need to put more work into flying than anything you're doing in school. I worked at a school that had a ton of high school students. I had a few good ones, but generally they pissed me off because they were always late and had to leave early. A typical lesson looks like this:

  1. CFI introduces concepts (you pay attention)
  2. Preflight Inspection of Aircraft (should go without saying)
  3. Practice said concepts
  4. Review said concepts on the ground
  5. CFI assigns new concepts for you to study ahead of time.
Again, there were exceptions, but generally I found high school kids to be entirely too focused on step 3. STUDY MORE THAN YOU FLY!!! Also, go into every flight anticipating the death of your flight instructor. Your CFI is there to teach you...not to save your ass every flight you come unprepared to. Eventually, you will be solely responsible for the operation of the airplane. Treat each flight - even those with an instructor - with that in mind.

Pseudo Rant over...Please take it to heart. In the mean time, find a glider. Always know your personal limitations. Poke around the forums and do a search for "good books." Buy them all and read them. There are some really great topics in Technical Talk and CFI Corner that helped me immensely as both a student and instructor. Don't fly Microsoft Flight Sim before you fly a real airplane. Get a job at the airport. Wash airplanes. Make friends. You'll figure the rest out as you go.
yea thanks man! I cant wait! Dont worry i wont be one of those students who doesent pay attention,shows up late and leaves earley. I have wanted to be a commercial airline pilot my whole life. Every lesson,Every minuet i am flying is one step closter to reaching my dreams. Thanks for your advise. Do you think i should start lessons during highschol or during college? (i am probably going to go to MTSU) also you said to get a job at an airport and wash planes. should i really do that?