Recent opinions on Lewis / DWC


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Anyone have any recent opinions on the av. programs at Lewis and Daniel Webster? Esp. interested in Lewis..

I'm attending DWC in a month, I'm in their ATC program but I was originally in the flight program. Let me know if you have questions.

My opinions on both programs are very good.
Esp. interested in Lewis.

Went there and didn't like it, transfered after the first year and went to the University of Dubuque.

1. School is next to the airport, which is cool and nice in the beginning, but gets old when you realize there isn't much around the school.

2. Joliet/Romeoville/Chicagoland is alright. I was from the northside. So I was close to home, but the town isn't a real college town. So you kind of miss out and that part of your college experience.

3. Lewis fleet is pretty old (I went 2004-2005). C-152/172/182RG (circa 1980s) and a PA-44 that seemed to always be busted.

4. Atmosphere is just wierd down there, it seemed that the instructors were more focused on themselves and not the students. The SOP when I was there was stringent as well (no student-instrument flight, had to have an instructor with you to move aircraft into the hangar, etc.).

5. Difficult to become an instructor as a full-time student...meaning they wouldn't hire students as instructors, you had to graduate. Also there were very few alums that were instructors, most came from other colleges.

5. The girls at Lewis are pretty descent, nothing spectacular, but seen/been around worse.

Overall the flight program is sub-par in my opinion. I wouldn't go there again if I had a choice for flight training. I have no idea about Daniel Webster College. The University of Dubuque program was pretty good, but that is just my opinion.
I am currently attending Lewis I started out as a flight major, then switched to Administration because its to expensive. I am finishing my private there. I have some suggestions,

1. Lewis is very expensive, dont let Frank Dubois tell you "o you got a good scholarship". Everyone in Aviation gets 10,000 one. Which is nothing compared to the rest of the expenses.

2. Go to STATE SCHOOL. U OF I, OR SIU CARBONDALE also have good flight programs. And are cheaper.

3. Aircraft fleet is old. Most of the Cessnas are from 1970s. And are over priced. To fly it costs around 170 dollars an hour.

4. Most of the Aviation professors are underqualified. Especially Pete Scheffer.

5. Social life sucks.

6. If you decide to go to Lewis come here with a private and instrument.

If you have more questions just ask.
I don't quite understand the logic of going to a private university with a flight program anyway. If you feel you must fly during college, either go part 61 or fly at a state school.