Rebuild Meigs?


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Ok, now we're done being p!ssed about the dumb mayor.

I have one volunteer who will be in Chicago this weekend and can help rebuild and resurface the runway. He's an avionics tech/A&P/IA and has raised and managed a few airports.

What is needed?
1. National Guard support to keep the Chicago Police out of the workers' hair.
2. Construction crews -- Seabees can do in 8-24 hours.
3. More volunteers to:
Haul asphalt
Get donations/state funding to pay for asphalt, paint, coffee, lunch for the work crew
Get the cooperation of the state legislature, including local congressmen and buy out the airport from the city's incompetent hands.
Ensure the FBO has a supply of avgas.
Get the FAA's cooperation in recertifying the airport runway ASAP.
Lay asphalt
Paint the stripes
And fly there.
TSA contacts to disable the mayor's terrorist attacks against aviation.

The taxiway should be used as a landing surface for volunteer pilots flying in to help.

The lighting system should still be operational.
Any approach and navaids should still be operational.

This is how grassroots organizations work... Start with one set of hands. How many more are there? Who does my friend contact to render assistance? Any Friends of Meigs here? Anyone know anyone? Anyone fly CEOs with business to that city? Any of those head honchos having dinner with politicians?

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Some nice ideas but unrealistic.

IF you REALLY want Miggs to stay open, I say you buy the airport land for yourselves then you can do whatever you want with it. But then again, doesn't the Government have the 'right' to seize private property?

As much as I hate to say it, the people who want the airport to stay open are in the miniorty.
If we're rebuilding the airport, can we get a new FBO so signature can't charge their outrageous fees???

(sorry, had to add some humor...
Signature is taking the city to court for lost income.

that is the only good thing about this, watching Signature finially get boned, vs boning the customers.
if you're not careful, that 12 minute "fill-n-fly" quick turn become a nightmare on the credit card!!!