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I'm on another 38.6 kbps connection and half of my load time has been political banner ads.

Since none of the candidates have offered me a cent, here is the jetcareers policy on such.

* Anything over 300x100 pixels will be deleted, period. If your unpaid political banner it outside of these dimensions, find one that does. Do this now, thank you.

* Absolutely NO unpaid political ad over 16,000 bytes.

* If it's an unpaid political ad that ->I<- deem to be inappropriate for my website, it will be deleted. I will not reconsider my decision.

* I also expressly reserve the right to ask everyone, at any time, to cease unpaid political ads at my own discretion. I will not reconsider my decision.

Before you send me a private message about your 'freedom of expression' on a private website, be sure to clearly reference the particular paragraph of the U.S. Constitution which grants that particular right.

And umm, have a nice day!
Told you it was about time we trimmed a little fat of ye old Constitution round these parts!
It's 300 x 86, so you're good on the dimensions requirement. But it's a whopping 39k in the file size dept.
I guess Kristie said I was being pretty harsh, but knowing pilots I more or less wanted to carve out a policy so once the big flame war starts later on this year, I have the ability, and the precedent to say "Take it outside, folks!"

But it wasnt directly aimed at anyone in particular so if you think it was, I truly apologize.