Raytheon Wins FAA Controller Training Contract


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What affect will this have on air traffic controllers now and in the future?

"This is a performance-based contract that is designed to allow us to train controllers better, faster and cheaper," said Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell. "It holds Raytheon accountable for meeting our stringent training requirements, and offers incentives for improving the quality of training, while lowering the overall time and cost."

Some other paraphrases:
Raytheon will be responsible for helping the FAA for a controller's entire career.

Raytheon is awarded the $437 million contract.


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yeah, i'm an RPO. nobody knows wtf is going on right now. hopefully pay goes up, but my gut tells me im just going to lose all my vacation and the pay will be exactly the same.

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How 'bout THIS 'gut'? Sturgell follows-through on his original indication a few months ago, quits in November, leaves the mess to Ruth Leverenz, and then he goes to work for Raytheon?

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