Rare Bird to Land in Carefree


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in Excerpt:

A plane once flown by Charles Lindbergh is expected to be displayed Saturday at Sky Ranch Airport for Wings & Wheels, a vintage airplane and automobile show.

David Brinklay of Scottsdale owns the 1932 Monocoupe, which was a champion racer during the golden age of air racing in the early '30s.

"This plane did quite well in the Cleveland air races," Brinklay said.

Brinklay said he has documentation that the plane's owner lent the Monocoupe to Charles Lindbergh one summer. Lindbergh then flew the plane between Philadelphia and St. Louis.

This plane is considered the most historic aircraft at the show and is one of only two Monocoupes in the Valley.

"I have always liked that particular plane," Brinklay said.

He found the Monocoupe in New Mexico, where it had been in pieces for almost 30 years. For the past five years he has been restoring the plane, which is about 40 percent complete.

Visitors to the show also will find Tom Weidlich's 1943 Stearman, a tail-dragging biplane used as a Navy trainer.

"It's a nice airplane, but harder to fly than most because of the tail wheel," said Weidlich, who lives at Sky Ranch. "People see it and want to know if it's from World War I."

Weidlich restored his Stearman, which was also "a basket case" (in pieces). It took him 10 years.

A Waco, a T-28, a T-6 Texan, an Albatross seaplane, DeHavilland Beaver and Yak-52 from the Czech Republic also are expected to be on display."
Is that the airport where many celebs and whatnot have their aircraft based? I lived in Cave Creek for a while and my then girlfriends mother who lived there for a long time took me by the airport on this high road on the side of a mountain. Its been some years, but thats the best I can do to recall.
Cool. I might have to take a drive up there. Lambert St. Louis International (KSTL) Airport used to have the other Lindbergh Monocupe hanging from the ceiling of the main terminal next to a full scale replica of the Spirit of St. Louis. They took 'em both down and moved them to the St. Louis transportation (I believe) museum shortly before I left the area.