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I found this picz on airliners.net....thought it was cool....

I give it a 5 because it is just an American Airliner jet taking off but the clouds were definitly a great touch.
Just a side note on how to get rid of the damn popups. There is a freeware I use called Ad Aware. It is made by Lavasoft and they offer free updates frequently. It removes all cookies, spyware, pop ups, data miners etc. I have had no pop ups so long as i use the program at least once a week.
Yup......seen them all before! Very cool! Especially the last pic of that UAL 747 that still to this day amazes me (first time I saw it was back in 2001).
definately a 10 - it is AA!!

If these become common place around here can we post them in the squawk box to keep the general forum pure.
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