Random Work Pix!


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A few random work pictures that I took with my iPhone...

This is where we stick all the stupid passengers, with no air, food or drinks, because we are trying to save money... muahhahah

This is where I sit, bitch and moan about the company for a few hours a day.

JF'nK. I hope that's not your bag sitting there, 'cause it ain't gonna make it...

I hope your rental car is not with Thrifty, 'cause your driver is out.

That's right!

The new Bombardier/Harley Davidson CRJ9.

Happy freakin' birthday Comair! Getting ready to take 'roadkill' for a flight from Boston with someone taking a nap in the baggage compartment...

New York-LaGuardia Airport on a nice day!


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I flew on the CRJ-900 a few weeks ago. What is up with the loud whining noise when the engines are on and the flaps are extended?


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Hydraulic B Pumps? I'm scraping out the CRJ system cobwebs here. . .
Perhaps, but 3A is running all the time, and I doubt the other B pumps coming on would be that much louder. But then again I don't ride near the middle of the plane where the pumps can be heard that often!