Radio communication help


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I am flying out of a class C airport KDAB. Our usual request is something like VFR and south practice field 2000ft

If anyone could run through a typical communication starting with clearance and go through departure and then with approach etc...

My textbook does not give a very good example and I could not put all the information together in the AIM 5-2-X.



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1) Get ATIS

2) Call up clearance "Boston Clearance, Skyhawk 12345 VFR to the south, 2,000 feet with Alpha"

They'll probably come back with "Skyhawk 12345 Cleared VFR to the south, remain VFR at or below 2000, departure on 123.45, squawk 1234"


3) Call up ground "Ground Skyhawk 12345 at signiature, ready for taxi"

4) at rwy call up tower after run up
They'll give you climb out instructions and hand you over to departure once you're airborn.

5) Call departure on 123.45 "Boston Depacha' Skyhawk 12345 climbing through xxxx for 2,000. (if twr assigns you a heading you could say flying an xxx heading as well).


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Just remember there are four basic parts to every radio call:

1. Who your calling
2. Who you are
3. Where you are
4. What you want

There are standard phrases to use, because a standard phrase has a standard meaining. (taxi, hold short, cleared, etc.) But, like I always tell my students, if all else fails, just speak English.

Tower, this is Skyhawk 12345, I'm by the light house and I want to use that long hunk of pavement you have with the big numbers on it so I can stop flying because I have to pee!

That will work, but you might leave out the reason for your stop. :D