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If you don't know what Quixtar is then stop reading now. If you are familiar with or have experience with Quixtar, then what do you think?
I had some coworkers come over tonight to talk to my wife and I about this possible business plan. I'm a little hesitant of "pyramid schemes" and
would like to hear others opinions....
Do not do it!!!! We almost got stuck on this. I researched hard the night before we were supposed to meet with the guy to sign papers. I found coutless people that were screwed over by this. They tell you that you will just be making money by "growing your community" but they actually want you to sell their products. They are the same company as Amway. Do some hard research on Quixtar, or Amway, or Team of Destiny. Bottom line...RUN!
You can probably go to the Better Business Breau website and check it out... pyramid schemes are something to stay the hell away from.

Have not seen you around in a while, how's the flying down in Lapeer? I'm thinking of getting checked out in the Arrow down there pretty quick; the one up in Bay City broke. I guess a cylinder or two blew up and they have to remanufacture the engine now.


John Herreshoff
Quixtar is a new, online version of Amway. It is legal. It is not a "pyramid scheme."

I would expect the "lefties" to bash it because the people in it tend to be very conservative.

It is like anything else (flying for example.) Some people get way too involved in it and start looking at everyone as a "potential distributor." I think it is a terrific business model except for the vertical nature of the relationships. Everyone is either "upline" or "downline" from you and you are discouraged from exchanging information "crossline."

Still, I learned some amazing business techniques and principles from Amway and Quixtar. We don't actively recruit anymore, but we do subscribe to the "Ditto Delivery System" which is amazingly accurate in determining when you will be needing the household items such as Shampoo, Conditioner, tooth paste, etc.

Most MLMs have amazing, terrific products which are unfortunately accompanied by a high price, loaded up to pay all the people between you and the company.

The Quixtar plan has the lowest prices of any MLM I know, and it maintains a constant relatinoship with the FTC to make sure it is always legal.

Eagle's link up there shows some distributors behaving badly and a bunch of urban legends about Amway/Quixtar. Which leads to my next point.

Quixtar feels that it should not exercise that much control over some of their distributor groups in a free enterprise system. As a result, some of them of course, will abuse and/or bend the rules. Many of them require you to subscribe to weekly tape programs which should be optional. (Team In Focus comes to mind here - a group which split from Quixtar Icon Dexter Yager.) They do lots of Ra Ra stuff at the rallies, which can be enjoyable or annoying, depending on your mood at the time I guess

The Partner Stores program is great! You can buy thngs from companies like Bass Pro Shops, Office Max, etc at regular prices and still get pts for it.

My advice? Check it out thoroughly, especially the people you will be involved with. It may or may not be for you. If it is going to make you go head over heels and start bothering everybody even after they say "NO" a few times, then please don't do it!
Thank you everyone for your comments. I've had a run in with this before and was sceptical. I've had friends try to push these type of products and business ideas on me before and it was a real turn off. It seems fake how people act cheery just to try and get you to do business with them.
Anyway, thanks again...
That's what turns me off, too. I don't like the whole "Fake it till ya Make it" mentality that started with Glenn Turner in the REAL pyramids back in the 70s and 80s.

On the other hand, many of the quixtar groups I've been associated were quite genuine. You have to look around and find the people you fit with.
Hey John! I have been flying out of Flint mostly lately. (see instrument training partner) I have also been working on my tailwheel here in the Citabria off and on. I need about 1 more flight in it to be signed off. I have mostly been working on that pesky instrument rating, working, and figuring out my plans to move to Alaska in the next year.
Good Bad or indifferent many MLMs are designed to prey on the lazy. You don’t hear them preaching.


What you hear is.,


I know someone who had hooked up with a MLM new vision I think, and for about 3-4 years, she was calling daddy about every six months, can you cover my rent or whatever.. I almost made it.. About the time daddy was going to say NO MORE, she did turn the corner and is still making more than an airline pilot. Much much more..

So can it be done? Sure, is it done often. Nope. Do more people fail than succeed, yep…
Eagle that's true about LIFE. Most don't succeed to the level they want, and your average person is out there spreading a wide butt to eat Cheetos in front of the One-Eyed Brain Sucker (TV.)

You are correct though, the sleazy MLMs say you don't have to work. What an outright lie. If someone gets something for nothing, that means someone else has to get nothing for something

The Quixtar people I work with do not do false advertising. They told me right up front, you work, you work, you work, and then if you did it right - you get paid for life.
I just did a complex endorsement for a guy who is VERY high up in Quixtar. He flys himself to meetings alot and needed to get into a bigger/ faster plane. I travelled with him to several meetings training him along the way. Of course, he wanted to get me involved, but what I learned was it is NOT a get rich quick business. You need to be prepared to work for it. He's been in it for about 20 years and has done very well. There are some good, quality people involved and these are the ones you want to align with. I am more focused on flight instructing right now and do not want any other major distractions, but if you're the right type of person and looking for something like this, it does seem like a low-risk endeavour.

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, and know about 3,000 Eskimos that would buy ice and be able to sell it to others who can do the same, and have a spare 60 or so hours a week that you can devote to your business, you will make millions. If you are in the 99.9999999% who aren't so lucky, you would be better of not getting involved.

Just for fun, ask the person trying to talk you into this how they have done and see what they say.

All this is is Amway via the internet. It dosn't work much better.
Everybodys opinion being equally valid here, I would be careful not to take stock tips from my grandmother.