Quite the find Antiquing today.


Macho Superpilot
I was wondering around the local boutiques (with my girlfriend!) and was looking for Christmas gifts.
She happened to spot some china in a random store, which turned out to be these:

I got 5 complete settings for $25. (Plates, saucers, cups, etc...)

I'm not sure if I'll ebay these...
Was at a friend's house awhile ago and he had these.


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I collect ww1, ww2, Korean War, and Vietnam war memorabilia. My friends always tell me that my office looks like the wing of a museum. I took the girlfriend for a weekend in Savannah and we did some thrifting... Well most of the stuff you find is just your run of the mill type stuff: nazi silverware, plates, bullets, etc... And then I saw this:

It is a piece of a Nazi fighter pilots scarf taken off of him after he was shot down over Britain. The guy was asking $600 which was too much considering he didn't do any leg work himself to verify the story. I talked him down to $300 and went about the task. Unfortunately, it may be hard to verify at this point because all parties involved are deceased. The closest I have come so far is that it came from the estate of a retired/deceased US Army Air Forces Colonel. Either way, it's going to make a great display when I get it framed.