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For those that attended Pan Am, How many days prior to the enrollment date did you leave to make your first day?

Also, With the housing, has anyone here Lived on campus? As far as the registration for that goes/the process of moving in, was it smooth?

Basically, Did you walk on campus, and they said "heres, where you'll be staying" type of thing.

Thanks for any info
I arrived about a week in advance of my orientation which is usually on a Friday. You will probably have to meet with Elaine to sign your final contract (God help you)and pick up your uniform and books. I think I did that on a Tuesday and the following Friday I had my orientation.
As far as housing is concerned, they built a whole new condo complex, but I don't know the specifics because I live off campus. I would guess it's pretty painless; just show up and they show you where to go. . .