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I'm just entering training and wondering about career paths down the road. Simple question really, can I train in the US and get a career elsewhere? (specifically UK/Europe)

I can't help with your specific question, but i will say howdy. Someone will be along shortly that can help.

I am an investigator and not a pilot, but you have come to the right place. This website is full of pilots who can answer your questions. In my experience the pilots here are professional and helpful.

To assist them, you may want to be more specific on what you want to do. Cargo, scheduled passenger, charter, or whatever. I’m sure you will get some answers that will help you in your quest.

Good Luck And Happy Flying! :rawk:
take a look down in the expatriate forum and there might be an answer in there...i really don't know personally.

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Yes, you can. For the most part, you will need a lot of PIC time in the aircraft they are looking for. There are some overseas CFI jobs that are easy to get, but the QOL will be bad. Places like China, Saudi Arabi, etc...
With an FAA license you can only fly N registered aircraft, and the same holds true for Europe. If you have a JAA certificate from one EU country (and Switzerland), you can (generally) fly in any other. So if you train in the US, you have to convert your license to a European country's license.

Now most European carriers require a "Frozen ATPL" (which is like having taken the American ATP written but not having 1500 hours), except this requires taking 14 written exams and sitting in ground school for 700 hours.

There are other options but most are unrealistic for low time guys. Only exception I know of is that Ryanair (when times were good) hires foreigners and the Irish gov't validates FAA ATPs. Make sure you have the right to work in Europe too.

Check out these links for further reading:


Hope that helps! Long story short, I flew for an airline in the US, found a desk job in Zurich, and hope to start at an ATP Frozen ground school on the weekends soon.<O:p</O:p