Quick question for UND CFII


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I was tolled that you can gather enough elective credits to miner in something as well as working on your degree, is this true.
And also with the AVIATION MANAGEMENT Degree
do you get to be certified in the pressurization-altitude chamber you guys have. If so how did you like it.

As far as elective's go you really don't have that many to work with. You may be able to get close to a minor in something using only elective credits but you couldn't complete a minor that way. You may have to take a few extra courses along the way, which spread over 4 years is not so bad.

My best advice on this subject is get a good advisor and meet with him/her early and often.

As far as the altitude chamber goes, I have never even been inside it. The course that uses it is called "Human Factors" it is a follow up course to "Aviation Physiology". As a Aviation Management major, I don't have to take either class. I could if I wanted to, but I don't have any place in my schedule to fit that class in between now and graduation.

If you are curious about the altitude chamber, you should watch "Senseless Acts of Video" on Sunday 02-04-01. The MTV crew was here about 2 weeks ago and taped a segment in the altitude chamber. I don't know what they did in there but I bet it was interesting.

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