Quick Question for the Doc..


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Howdy Doc,

Just had my yearly blood test done and was faxed over the results. Everything was normal with the exception of the following:

Baso AB was flagged high (was at .11 high normal is .10)
Albumin was flagged high (was at 5.4 high normal is 5.0)
Total protein was flagged high at 8.5 ( probably because of Albumin as Globulin was normal)

Cholesterol 215
HDL 37
LDL 122
Tryglicerides 279 (runs high in my family)

I go for my class 3 in two weeks, do you see any concerns?

You should address your abnormal lipid profile. See a doc to get managed. This is not going to cause problems in the short run but will down the road.