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For those of you who have studied for the FIA and FOI written tests using the King videos, does the King CFI course cover both the FIA and FOI?
I have the King cd-rom course and it covers both the Flight Instructor and FOI exams. Just got it but it looks like a great program. good luck

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BlueStreak, when you get done with the course, could you give us a report on it? I am thinking of buying it when I start my cfi training in a couple months...really what I would like to know is if it covers the FOI very well....more of the "how to teach" as opposed to the technical stuff (how a wing works, turns around a point etc). If ya could give a short report, you would be the man! thanks man...
In addition to the King CFI knowledge test course, I'd also like to recommend the "CFI Practical Test Course", which shows John King taking a practice CFI checkride with a real examiner. It's quite thorough and gives you a good feel for how the practical test will be conducted.

As a CFI applicant, you could be asked to teach anything in the Private or Commercial Practical Test Standards. The CFI checkride DVD (or video) doesn't actually cover EVERYTHING you could be POSSIBLY be asked, but watching John King talk his way throught the oral and flight test should give you some good ideas on how to approach the ride.

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As soon as I finish I can give you guys some information about how the course worked out for me. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, I graduate from college at the end of April, so as soon as I get some time I will be pounding away at the material. The course appears to have a nice outline you follow with video segments on each section. There are also written exam questions at the end of each chapter and an overall written exam review. It also comes with the PTS and a book that helps you prepare for both writtens. The book is pretty thick and has good notes on each topic. Hope this helps for now, let me know of any further questions- and don't worry I'll post a little information about it once I am done.
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