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I want to hear from panamguy or other pan am supporters. I want a balanced view, I already know what the haters have to say.

1. What do you estimate the percentage of students that go from the beginning to the end of the program finish in the ten months and in the amount of money advertised.

2. What about to an airline in 14 months or less as advertised

I know what my "careers counselors" told me, but I thought I would ask the people who have successfully trained there.

I am a strong supporter of Pan Am as many of you know. To answer your question, I can only speak for the Phoenix campus. To be done in 10 months (in the past) was almost unheard of. And I think it would be unfair to expect people to be hired by an airline in 14 months in the current state of the industry. You could have maybe expected Pan Am to do this before 9/11 but no one can do it now. We just recently had an instructor meeting and management has acknowledged that our focus in the past was on the quality of training and not so much on the time line. That attitude has changed. We are now striving to maintain the quality of training and step up the pace so that students can get through closer to the advertised timeline. So, to some it all up. 10 months was pushing it but hopefully this new focus will change all that. Hope that helps.
Im not sure about the 10 month thing, do they say that? I always thought it was 14 months for the program, then instruct. I could be wrong, but anyway, Im on schedule to do the program from beginning to end in 12 months. Keep in mind I took at over a month off combined. So I guess it is possible to finish in 10 months.

I agree with the previous post on the whole airline in 14 months. Probably not gonna happen, and I wouldnt say thats because of Pan am. Lets face it, airlines arent hiring, anywhere. Id say within the last 2 months we have had maybe 8 people go at fpr, cant speak for dvt.

This is a good school, sure admins can be a pain, but you cant let them be a pain to you. When I was doing my private, they tried, they lost. I am a little over budget here, but thats only because I took some extra timebuilding hours, my choice. Hope this helps.....
I don't know about the 10 month thing, I haven't heard of that except on here. When I started I was told the program was 14 months for PPL-MEI (12 months for me since I started with the IR class). Then, about a year of instructing to get to 1200TT. (I think they were saying around 18 months for PPL-regional, but that was pre-9/11 and instructors were being hired at 800TT.)

I have seen people make it in the estimated time and they all were very motivated and made sure they kept up to stay on PanAm's schedule.
when i was there, a few friends i started with and myself were well on track to finish in 11 months. add maybe 14 months after that of instructing and i'd say you'd probably be pretty marketable for airline hire.
I started at Pan Am September 1st. I have finished Private, instrument, private-multi, and CRM. I took 2 weeks off at Christmas. With route, and commercial through MEI remaining, I should finish in 10-11 months easy. (I hope I dont jinx myself). So yes, 10 months is possible.

Then add at least another year, (or two) of instructing before you get a job.

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