Questions for current and former ATP students


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I'm thinking of doing the ACP program, specifically at the Manassas location. Since I'm in Germany, a friend of mine who lives 15 min. from there did me a great favor and went to talk to them, take pictures and get a general impression of the place. It's good to have someone I know have seen the place. She sent me lots of great pictures and everything seems very nice.

She had a conversation with a couple students, but they were in from JAX and didn't know the Manassas location well. Anyway, here are a couple questions:

- Does the Manassas location have its own maintenance staff or is it contracted out?

- Has training at Manassas become more complicated because of the DC airspace restrictions? Is it a hassle to fly in and out (i.e. stops at an intermediate airport to be screened)?

- Where does the Citation training take place? Does it come to me or do I have to travel somewhere to fly it?

- Does ATP help with any travel between the sites. What I mean is if I do the program in Manassas and then have to go to JAX to work the phones and after that maybe to Dallas to instruct is there any kind of reduced fare travel? Or can I ride along with planes being shuttled between the sites?

Hopefully someone on here can help me out. The program looks great and my (non-aviation) friend got good vibes.