questions about writtens


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i'll be attending atp in stuart fl. at the end of may or maybe begining of june. had a couple questions about the writtens. 1. does atp reimburse you if you take them before you get there? 2. don't you need an instructor sign-off/endorsement to take them? i know i did for my private. (part 61). thanks...
ATP will reimberse you for writtens you take before hand, and it is a good idea do do it. Just save the reciepts and get as many writtens done before hand. At least the FIA, and FII. Good luck in SUA!
thanks for the response. i was hoping they would reimburse me. what about a sign off? i needed my instructors endorsment to take the private written. i'm guessing that's not necessary for the rest since many people take the writtens before attending.
Hi Hollywood,
I just graduated from ATP's accp program in riverside.
When I did them with atp, my instructor held the geims books and asked me questions until he said, ok I can endorse you..
You do need indorsements for taking the Instrument and commerical writtens.
For the CFI and the FOI they are no longer needed.
Oh. and just a tip, I also paid more and took the advance ground instructor ceritifcate. It will be worthit if you want you want to achieve a gold seal in the future.
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You can also use some software like Gleim to get the endorsement. After you have answered all the questions correctly, you can print out the endorsement.
thanks for the replies guys. that really sucks about needing the edorsements. i've been studying like crazy and am about ready to take the instrument written. but now, i can see that is not going to happen. i was hoping to take it this week and then start studying for the commercial. i think trying to memorize two gleims at once would be a bit confusing and probably screw me up. i'm going to call the place where i was going to take the writtens and see if maybe i can sit down with an instructor or something or go over some of it and maybe get an endorsement. i don't feel like buying any additional software. if anyone could tell how you got your endorsements before you attended i'd appreciate it. thanks
I got mine from ATP. I called them up and an instructor asked me questions until he was confident about me taking the test. I took my writtens at an ATP location so I don't know if they will still give an endorsement if you take it at an FBO. Look into it.