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Hey all.

This is my first post, but I'm a long time fan of this forum (can't get enough of the pissing contests
Also the name I chose doesn't really reflect who I all...
Anyways, I want to know if anybody here can help a fellow pilot find a flight school after pan (sc)am. I have about 23k left with key so unfortunately ATP is out of the question.
If anybody has any suggestions, or info and experiences with other flight schools, I would really like to hear them.
Also, if anyone can give me any info on the quality of Airman Flight School in OK or Eagle (Doug, if you could make a suggestion too) I would really appreciate it.
Thanks guys.
whats your reason of saying pan am is a scam ??

i have nothing to do w/ panam yet.
but just curious, for i might enroll here at paifa.
grin.gif will be more like..You you suck becasue you couldn't hack, you suck ...and so on and so on...

"whats your reason of saying pan am is a scam ??"
Lets see.... they charge you for a handfed (and incomplete) readout of the GLEIM under the name of Groundschool (don't start with the BS about bashing on instructors... all my ground instructors were great people that actually cared...) and they charge you upfront for it. Some flight instructors on the long crosscountry lessons check your flight plans, don't like them and they still make you go up only to tell you when you return that you will have to do it again because of "bad planning".
I would never go back to Pan Scam for those reasons(and many more), and I think the most important one is the lack of customer service... almost all the smiling faces disappear 2 days after you sell your soul to them. Read the contract first if you decide to keep looking at panscam. Request it so you can review it before signing your life(and an obscene amount of money) away. On a positive note about panscam.... the planes are new... I guess that's really what we paid for.
Look into ATP, in all the time that I looked at it, I never heard a bad comment about it, but I've also heard it is REALLY fast paced.
Bummer... Sorry you had such a bad experience... :-( Good luck w/ finding a school that will fit you better. Are you in Phoenix or Florida?