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I've just been talking to one of my friends who believes I have to be a U.S citizen to get my PPL........Is this true? Do I have to be an American citizen to get my PPL?

Thanks in advance for any answers.........
Nope !!!

You can be a PPL even if your not an American Citizen !!

Look at what you'v just learned on JC ...
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You do not have to be a US Citizen or resident to get any FAA pilot certificate. HOWEVER, in order to train for those certificates in the US you will need to have a student (or an immigrant) visa in order to enter and remain in the US legally.

For type ratings you need to be a citizen or get some paper work filled out every 6 months by the company which could take a month or more - Iain thinks to himself - a month off every 6 months ummm, maybe I will stop by the airport and sign up for my Instrument course.