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I am a CFI with a local flight school. I began the job in februrary and since have logged 25 hours. Most of this time has been flying with high school kids (contract). I do not have a student of my own. This is getting me a bit frustrated. How can I bring this issue up to the school without hanging myself in the process. I am a recent Delta tech furloghee (whats up doug! i met u @ LGA, when your fueling panel wasnt working!)
We get paid pretty dam well per/flt. hr. and i do not want to risk it.
Maybe you could round up some of your own students. I think that AOPA has some marketing materials that you could use.

Beyond that, talk to your boss, be polite and ask him for some students. Repeat as necessary.

If you aren't getting any hours, the high hourly rate is probably not the best deal.
Hey man, what's going on!

I looked for you in LGA the last few times, but I guess we were working different scheds. We broke a window enroute to SAN the next day and boy were the mechanics pissed!
Hey Doug, I began working nights after i saw you, thats why you never saw me again. Now that i am furloughed, i am sure i wont see you @ LGA! You guys and them windows! Easy.
Davetheflyer, thanks for the advice I'll check AOPA, and talk to my boss the next time i fly with a student, probably in a month or two! (just being sarcatic
Well, we have windshield heaters. Sometimes some of the filaments overheat and start delaminating the thin protective outer layer.

Once that thin layer gets breached, you have an 25C (?) warm crystalline surface being exposed to 500 mph+ -45C airstream which goes "POP!!!!" and the windshield shatters over like a kaliedoscope.

The inner layer is fortunately the structural layer so there's generally nothing to worry about at all, but it is kind of dramatic to watch it happen.

It looks like a small sliver of ice is forming on the windshield. It moved about .5"/second and then "BANG!!!" It scared the crap out of me because I didn't expect it but it really wasn't a dangerous situation whatsoever.
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In the winter our pilots leave the windscreen heat on all the time and we get bubbles in the plexiglass, so we have to replace them a lot.
We've got to leave the windsheild anti-ice (heat) on from pushback to ramp in. And think we leave it on between flights if the temperature is below -6C or something. I can't remember.