Question Regarding Flight Schools


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I figured this question has been posted on more than a few occasions. Although, my attempt to find any threads through the search option was unsucessful, so here goes:

I recently graduated from a 4 year university, and I am looking to start working on my PPL. Time and money are not a huge issue at this point - but I am not interested in working on my PPL through any of the big schools DCA, Flight Safety, etc. My question is basically what kind of checklist/questions should I consider when I am going through this process. Thanks.

PS- If anyone has any luck finding and old thread about this, send it my way.
If you're still in Ann Arbor, I can recommend some places to fly around that area. I'm checked out at Aviation Center, and they seem like decent people. I've had some issues with them, and they corrected them correctly. I have been told Michigan Flyers is the place to go if you want good instruction, though. They are a flying club out of the airport in Ann Arbor.

Not in Ann Arbor? nothing for ya.


John Herreshoff