Question on how to log time


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I flew a Seminole with a friend of mine who is a MEI and I have a question regarding how to log the time. When we flew yesterday, I sat left seat and my buddy (MEI) sat right. He flew the first leg on a x-country we had planned and I flew the return leg. My question is, I logged 2 hours total time and 1 hour PIC since that was when i had actual control of the aircraft, did I log this correctly? Thanks
You can only log it PIC if you have multi engine priviliges on your private or commercial license. Other wise you can only log it as dual received and total time, not PIC.
I guess I forgot to mention that I do have a COM/SEL/MEL/INST. What I'm confused about is not so much the PIC time, as it states in the FAR's that PIC time is when you actually control the plane ( I logged the 1 HR I flew). I,m wondering if I could still log the total time including the leg flown by my buddy who is a MEI (total trip = 2HRs)
Probably the same answer as I gave you on another board:

What was your basis for logging the time you weren't flying the airplane?

True, you can log whatever you want to, even the drive to the airport or time sitting in seat 23B on United 234, so long as it not fraudulent.

But the answer to what to log usually comes down to whether it can be legitimately counted for something having to do with certificates, ratings or currency.

Even if it doesn't fit into some other column (and it usually will), logged flight time should at least meet the 61.1(b) definition of "pilot time"

(12) Pilot time means that time in which a person -
(i) Serves as a required pilot flight crewmember;
(ii) Receives training from an authorized instructor in an aircraft, flight simulator, or flight training device; or
(iii) Gives training as an authorized instructor in an aircraft, flight simulator, or flight training device.
Thanks Midlifeflyer, When I read your post, it makes perfect sence.I will ask my MEI buddy to sign it off as dual since we did go over a few things while he was flying.