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Question for you FAR Guru\'s

I may have an oppertunity to do some flying for the company I'm currently working for. We build display cabinets for crystal and the owner is thinking of leasing a light twin to fly to shows. I will be the pilot and salesman. More than likely there will be no one else with me but I may have a demo display case that will go to a show with me and come home with me.

My question: 250TT 60ME; Comm., Inst., AMEL, ASEL. I have read the AC on private carriage vs. common carriage but I can't seem to put it all in my brain and understand it. Am I legal or not?? Thanks for your help.
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I believe that would fall under the private pilot privileges and limitations - 61.113 (b).

(b) A private pilot may, for compensation or hire, act as pilot in command of an aircraft in connection with any business or employment if:

(1) The flight is only incidental to that business or employment; and
(2) The aircraft does not carry passengers or property for compensation or hire.

I think...

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A carrier becomes a common carrier when it "holds itself out" to the public, or to a segment of the public, as willing to furnish transportation within the limits of its facilities to any person who wants it.

There are four elements in defining a common carrier;
(1) a holding out of a willingness to
(2) transport persons or property
(3) from place to place
(4) for compensation.

Carriage for hire which does not involve "holding out" is private carriage. Private carriage for hire is carriage for one or several selected customers, generally on a long term basis

As a commercial pilot you can fly for others and get paid for it. You can also do a handful of things as enumerated in 119.1(e).

Who owns the plane, and more importantly who has operational control of the aircraft, is key. Holding out in this case has nothing to do with it.

The Feds have consistently looked at the issue of operational control as a determining factor in whether the operation falls under part 135.

As the pilot, the further you distance yourself from the procurement of the aircraft the better. It needs to be a situation where the passengers have obtained the plane, and then select you to fly them. With the help of a competent aviation attorney a dry lease could be set up where you, the owner of the aircraft, lease it to your passengers, and then they - with total freedom to choose whomever they wish - hire their pilot.

As a commercial pilot, if you want to fly people from one place to the next and get paid for it, you may work for an operation or an individual who employes you to fly their plane or to fly other people on their plane.

But if you want to do it in your plane, you will be acting as a commercial operator under part 135 or 121, depending on the specifics. For that, you must also meet those requirements of 135 or 121.

So the bottom line is, if you own the plane, you are a commercial operator. If he/she/they own the plane, you are an employee.

If you own the plane, then sightseeing, photography, and certain other operations are not covered by FAR 119, but transportation that involves taking people or property from one place to another is either common or noncommon carriage, and therefore is governed under 119 and either 135 or 121.

"Private carriage insofar as FAA operating authority is required, is all that carriage for compensation or hire which is not common. See: Section 1.1 of the Federal Aviation Regulations defining the term "commercial operator." The focus here is on specialized carriage of either passengers or cargo pursuant to a small number of contracts secured by means which do not constitute a holding out to the general public. The FAA issues Commercial Operator Certificates to persons who operate large aircraft in air commerce as private carriers."

From Order 8700.1
(3) Private Carriage: FAR Part 125 is applicable to large airplane operations in other than common carriage. FAR 125.11(b) prohibits FAR Part 125 certificate holders from conducting any operation which results directly or indirectly from holding out to the general public. FAR Part 125 operators are permitted to furnish transportation to employees or other persons as long as compensation does not exceed the requirements of FAR 91.181(d).

The following matters indicate private carriage, although any single item may not be dispositive:

(1) Highly specialized carriage and the absence of holding out to the general public. (Note that a carrier's operation under contracts for customers entirely unrelated to each other indicates a holding out to the general public.)

(2) Limitation of the carrier's services to one person or company or to a particular few persons or companies who contract with the carrier.

(3) The existence of long term, mutually binding, written contracts.

(4) The absence of day-to-day solicitation or acceptance of new customers.

Private carriage ordinarily entails a highly specialized type of carriage.

Personally I'd safe your safe, but the question then becomes is your company legal?

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Yeah, I'd say you could do it like a corporate Part 91 deal. The insurance company may have other ideas, however.
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I think this would fall under the "incidental to employment" provision. But I'd check with an aviation lawyer to be sure.
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Seirra's post is well done.

As also stated above the largest issue will be insurance. unlike you going out and buying an airplane and flying for fun aviation insurance for commercial use/business use, if a HUGE expense. With small jets it is in the six digit range. Putting a pilot with under 1200 hrs on board brings it down, and making that guy the PIC would cost as much as the airplane.

Call AOPA and just say you are looking to buy an airplane ( tell them you want a senaca) and want to know what the insurance would run.

You will need at least

Hull coverage at replacement value
$1,000,000 per incident for liability
$1,000,000 per person.
(tell them you want it for a million smooth, they will understand)

Then (what I do) you should have an umbrella policy for yourself. This in an insurance polcy for when you go screaming through the fence at the end of the runway and chop up somebody’s dog, they can take you to court ( the aviation ins will cover it) then if they come after you on top of that you still have a barrier. ( personally I think we are over insured, but better to be ahead than behind…)

It can be done, but for it to work for a business issue you reallllly need to do the home work, look into hanger costs, because you are not going to leave a ‘working’ airplane outside, maintenance etc. then pick up a copy of Trade a plane and look at the twins,,,

Her is a data dump of many, not sure how it will post on here but it is a start.

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1983 Piper Seneca III 2800 850 Kokomo IN $229,500
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1982 Piper Seminole 3237 623 Scottsdale AZ
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1982 Piper Navajo C/R 6270 1471 Nashville TN $225,000
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1981 Piper Seminole 1225 1225 Plainville CT $139,000
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1981 Piper Seneca III 1537 333 New Century KS
1981 SENECA III, 1537TT, 1537/333 on the engines, 588/588 SPOH, Garmin 340/530/430, KFC-200 AP/FD, WX-500 stormscope, radar, known ice, Lopresti mods, factory corrosion proofing, Tanis heaters, new cosmetics in 2000, NDH. Call Kansas Aircraft Corporation, KS/(913) 782-8212. Fax (913) 782-8214. (913) 782-8212Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1981 Piper Navajo 5370 Augusta ME
1981 PA-31-310C, 45/235 Mattituck's, 5370 TT, full Ice, oxy, cargo door and more. Bendix 2000 system, Nav Programer w/DME, FCS-870 AP/FD/ HSI/ RMI. Current 135. NDH, full logs, all AD's, excellent! Must sell - make offer. ME/(888), 643-3597 or Fax specs (207) 622-7858. (207) 622-7858Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1980 Piper Seneca II 4478 1177 Abilene TX
1980 SENECA II: 4478-TT, 1177 hours SMOH; King equipped: KFC 200, KY197, KNS80; New Garmin 430, radar, AC, VG's; Excellent paint & interior, much more! Abilene Aero, TX/(325) 671-8004. (325) 671-8004Last Modified: 08/18/2003

1980 Piper Seneca II 1600 Edmonton AB $118,000
1980 SENECA II, K-ice, radar, AP, engines 1600 SMOH, NDH, excellent condition, nice paint and interior, priced to sell $118,000. Call (780) 890-1313 or e-mail (780) 890-1313Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1980 Piper Seneca II 5200 450 Altamonte FL $174,900
1980 SENECA II, 5200 TTSN, 450/450 SFRM, A/C, Sandel color HSI, Garmin 430, beautiful, fully restored aircraft. $174,900. FL/(407) 786-2443. (407) 786-2443Last Modified: 07/22/2003

1980 Piper Seneca II 4878 1247 Berryville AR $142,000
1980 PIPER SENECA II, TT 4878, 1377/1247 eng. (1800 TBO), 1057/220 props, King IFR, Cent. III A/P, WX10, Known Ice, O2, new paint, blue leather interior. $142,000. AR/(870) 423-4911. (870) 423-4911Last Modified: 07/22/2003

1980 Piper Seneca II 3500 1670 Philadelphia PA $149,900
1980 PIPER SENECA II, 3500TT, 1670 SMOH L/R, KX155, KCS55A, FMS5000, DME, KFC200 AP/FD, WX10A, all new boots 2002, speed brakes, Merlyn wastegates, 1-pc windshield, LoPresti cowls and tips, Factory 02. Sell price $149,900. Hortman Aviation. PA/(215) 969-0311, FAX: (215) 677-6408. http://www.hortmanaviation.com (215) 969-0311Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1980 Piper Navajo 6800 500 Westerly RI
1980 NAVAJO 310C, 6800TT, 500/600 SMOH L/R, (factory), 220 SPOH, full deice, air, 135 ready, Garmin 430s, KFC200, priced right. RI(401) 348-8877 phone/ fax. (401) 348-8877Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 6750 1395 Watertown WI $129,000
1979 SENECA II: COLOR radar & stormscope, GPS, HSI, 3-bladed hot props, club, 135, 6750 TT, 1395 SMOH, April annual. $129,000 WI/(920) 261-4567, http://www.wisconsinaviation.comhttp// (920) 261-4567Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 3875 386 Englewood CO $159,900
1979 SENECA II, S/N 7970436, 3875 hrs TT, 386/386 SMOH engines & props, KFC-200 AP/FD, Microline equipped, RDR-160 radar, fully De-Iced, nice P&I, $159,900. Call Willowbrook Air Associates, CO/(303) 790-0880. (303) 790-0880Last Modified: 07/29/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 9150 755 Hilton Head Is SC $85,000
1979 SENECA II, 9150TT (just off 135), 755 SFRM/ 1188, nice panel, needs rear seats, paint and interior, solid aircraft, KFC-200 FD/AP, only $85,000 for quick sale. Call SC/(866) 836-3295 or (843) 836-2195. (866) 836-3295Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 6495 1230 Sarasota FL $109,900
1979 SENECA II, 6495TT, 1230/ TBO SFOH, boots!! KFC 200 FD/HSI, King digital. $109,900. FL/(941) 350-7805. (941) 350-7805Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 2338 379 St Petersburg FL $155,000
1979 SENECA II, 2338-TT, 379 R/L SMOH/ SPOH, factory air, club seating, 1999 P&I, HSI, Collins Navs, Coms, transponder, RDR160 radar, WX-8 stormscope, Skymap color moving map GPS, SL-50 GPS, JPI engine monitor and fuel scans, autopilot, speed mods, NDH. $155,000. Bill, FL/(727) 463-8505. (727) 463-8505Last Modified: 08/13/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 4000 Osprey FL $190,000
1979 PIPER SENECA II, S/N 34-7970268, N510P, 4000TT, 375/375 SFRM, 375/375 SPOH, Garmin 430 GPS, Garmin 340 audio panel w/6-place intercom, King KCS 55A HSI, Altimatic IIIC autopilot, King 155 Nav/Com, Northstar NS-M-1 Loran, WX10A stormscope, King KRA10 radar altimeter, King KT76A transponder, air conditioning, 3-bladed hot props, hot plate, long range fuel, prop sync, inflatable door seal, Merlyn Automatic waste gates, Lopresti speed cowls, and wingtips w/recognition lights, Vortex generators. Interior 7/10, exterior 9/10. Beautiful Seneca V green on white paint. Always hangared, no damage history. Best Seneca II in the country! $190,000. FL/(941) 966-7375 or (386) 679-8414. (941) 966-7375Last Modified: 08/12/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 3883 0 Fresno CA
1979 PIPER SENECA II, N2912V, wholesale! 3883TT, "0" SFRM engines, "0" props. Air conditioned, no de-ice. Central CA Av; Fresno, CA/(559) 252-2926. (559) 252-2926Last Modified: 08/18/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 3672 Fremont CA $169,000
1979 PIPER SENECA II, 3672 TTAF, 0 SFOH, 672 SPOH, good comp. & oil. Well maintained and good running. Exterior rate 7, interior rate 8, gray leather. 3-blade hot props with known ice, air conditioned, equipped with Collins Microline, dual Nav/Com with glideslope, ADF, 2-transponders, DME, AP, RDR-160 radar, Garmin 430. Annual just completed August 2002. $169,000 OBO. CA/(530) 543-1690. (530) 543-1690Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1979 Piper Navajo C/R 5000 1400 Yorktown IN
1979 PIPER NAVAJO CR, TT5000, props & engs L&R 1400. Full de-ice, cargo door & wing lockers, A/C, Echo Flt MFD, Trimble 2000T GPS, KFC 200 AP/FD, RDR-160 radar, WX900 stormscope, radar alt, GEM 1200 eng mon, Shadin fuel flow mgmt, 02 system, co-pilot inst, 6-place intercom, NDH, P&I 8. Ann due 09/03. Call for specs, make offer. IN/(765) 759-9339; (765) 744-5950; Muncie, IN (MIE). (765) 759-9339Last Modified: 07/22/2003

1979 Piper Navajo C/R 3178 1678 San Juan PR $285,000
1979 PIPER NAVAJO C/R Panther, 3178 TTSN, R/L engines 1678 TTSN, 4-blade Q-tip props 177 TTSN, dual VHF-251, dual VIR-235, dual TDR-950, DME-451, KI-229, WX-10A, ADF 650-A, KFC-200/ FD. Bendix B/W radar, AMR-350, Nayak Nacelle fuel, A/C, V/G, Shadin fuel totalizer, American ultracooler. Known deice, electronic EGT, dual GEMs, co-pilot instruments, all cylinders cermichrome. Logs complete. Minor damage 6/95: N/G collapse on tarmac. Will sell w/completed annual. $285,000. Contact Cheman at FL/(305) 278-2279. (305) 278-2279Last Modified: 05/21/2003

1979 Piper Seneca II 4600 960 Cabot AR $147,500
1979 PA34-200T, 4600 TTAF, (EB)/960 SFRM, 3-blade props, Cold Factory A/C, Knot-2U speed mods, Garmin 430 (11/02) 340, Collins 231/351, Century 2000 (11/02), WX1000, $147,500. AR/(501) 231-1177. (501) 231-1177Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1979 Piper Navajo 7145 160 Spring Valley MN
1979 NAVAJO 310C PANTHER, 7145TT, 160/160 SMOH, 160/160 SPOH, Dual GPS, Garmin 430 and King KLN89B both IFR Approach certified, #2 NavCom Collins also Collins DME, ADF, transponder, KWX56 Color radar, PSE 7000B audio panel with 6-place stereo intercom, Aircell 1000 Flight Phone, KFC200 autopilot fully coupled to HSI, GEM engine monitor. No damage, 7-place leather interior, recent paint. MN/(800) 328-5920. View at (800) 328-5920Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1978 Piper Seneca II 3900 1750 Lincoln NE $103,000
1978 SENECA, 3900-TT, 1750-SMOH L&R, 200-SPOH L&R, 2 owners since new. Part 135. Club seating, known ice, KFC200 AP w/FD, King 55 HSI, Collins radios, stormscope, Apollo GPS, Nice Seneca. $103,000/OBO. Jeff, NE/(402) 416-2425. jeff@lincolnaviation.com (402) 416-2425Last Modified: 07/30/2003

1978 Piper Seneca II 4483 157 San Jose CA
1978 SENECA II; 4483 TT, 1597/157 SMOH, Collins Microline, Garmin 430, radar, Altimatic IIIC. Lafferty Aircraft Sales, CA/(408) 293-5352; (408) 293-5352Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1978 Piper Seneca II 5780 865 Eastsound WA $129,000
1978 SENECA II, 5780-TT, 865-SMOH, 2-Collins 251/351, Collins ADF, Altimatic IIIC AP, KLN-90B, boots, hot props, new Janitrol heater, VG kit, LoPresti speed kit, $129,000. Call Rugby Aviation, WA/(360) 376-7139. (360) 376-7139Last Modified: 06/11/2003

1978 Piper Navajo 2700 975 Prather CA
1978 NAVAJO PANTHER, 2700-TT, 975/975 SFOH, excellent records, excellent paint & interior, always hangared. CA/(888) 990-0055. (888) 990-0055Last Modified: 07/14/2003

1978 Piper Navajo C/R 4700 1130 Upper Saddle Riv NJ
1978 NAVAJO 325 C/R, 4700TT, engines and props 1130, intercoolers, winglets, VG's, all SB and AD, factory de-ice, air, oxygen, cargo door, NDH, annual 01/2003, Garmin GNS530, approach certified and coupled, DME, KN74 RNAV, radar. New rudder torque tube. No Lycoming engine issues. Call for complete spec information. NJ(201) 391-0374. (201) 391-0374Last Modified: 07/29/2003

1978 Piper Navajo C/R 3200 700 Alcoa TN
1978 CR NAVAJO, 3200 TT, 700/700 SFRM, $60K spent- UPS radios, GX50 GPS, MX20 MFD, terrain avoidance, Alt. X, color radar, known ice. NDH. Call Preston Aircraft, TN/(865) 970-9882; fax 9906. (865) 970-9882Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 4000 200 Toledo OH $130,000
1977 SENECA, N767PD, 4000TT, 200SMOH/1295 SMOH, King avionics, $130,000 or trade for a newer Seneca. Private owner. OH/(800) 536-0718 ext 207; (800) 536-0718Last Modified: 08/05/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 4450 1713 Greencastle IN $129,900
1977 SENECA II/III, N224AS, 4450TT, 1713/1670 SMOH, TSIO-360, LoPresti speed Mods & Horton STOL. Known ice, King - KMA 20 / KY 197 / KLN 90B / KY 76A / KNS 80 / KR 85 / KX 165 Insight strikefinder, PS Engineering PM100 intercom, oxygen, $129,900 IN/(765) 655-1658. (765) 655-1658Last Modified: 07/22/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 3800 50 Columbia SC $165,000
1977 SENECA II, EXCELLENT condition, 3800TT, 150/50 SFRM, props and governor recent overhaul, hangared, NDH, fresh annual, all AD's complied, GX55 GPS, KNS80 RNav, KX155 Nav/Com, KY197 Com, HSI, stormscope, Century III autopilot, wing tip lights, 6 place intercom, $165,000. SC/(803) 960-8301. (803) 960-8301Last Modified: 07/28/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 6540 480 Frederick MD $121,000
1977 SENECA II, 6540TT, 480L 580R, known ice, King digital panel, RNAV, M/map GPS, WX10, IIIC A/P, wingtip landing lights. $121,000. Brian: MD/(301) 631-5829. N78SF@aol.com (301) 631-5829Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 5704 520 Asheville NC $154,900
1977 SENECA II, 5704TT, 520 SMOH, recent P&I, speed mods, known ice, III-C A/P, club seating, 520 SPOH, Collins IFR, KCS-55, strikefinder, Garmin 150XL, known ice. Beautiful aircraft, corporate maintained, always hangared, meticulous maintenance. $154,900. "Vicki", (New phone number!!!) NC/(828) 225-6517. http://www.vickivt.com (828) 225-6517Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 4480 195 Harrisonburg VA
1977 SENECA II, 4480 TTAF, 210/195 SMOH (EB), 260/260 SPOH. Garmin 300XL- IFR cert, KX165, KT76A, DME, King HSI, PMA 7000M w/6 intercom, WX-900, CD music jack, Altimatic IIIC, long range fuel, AD log M/X, dual push-to talk, engine preheaters, inflatable door seals, Known ice. Piper anniversary paint scheme, no known damage. Make offer. VA/(540) 435-1437. (540) 435-1437Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 2980 1430 Scottsdale AZ
1977 SENECA II, 2980 TT, 1430 SMOH, King digital, radar, M1, more! Original logs, nice. Call for price, photos, details, AZ/(480) 951-6270. (480) 951-6270Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 5415 865 Minocqua WI $99,000
1977 PIPER SENECA II, PA-34-200T. TT 5415, LE 865 SFREMAN RE 1949 SMOH Props. 729 SPOH, extensive annual January 2003. K-Ice with 3 year old boots $99,000.00 Tel: WI/(715) 356-2875 email: schmerlattraum@msn.com (715) 356-2875Last Modified: 08/19/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 5410 860 Minocqua WI $105,000
1977 PIPER SENECA II, PA-34-200T. TT 5410, LE 860SFREMAN RE 1944 SMOH Props. 724 SPOH, extensive annual January 2003. K-Ice with 2 year old boots $105,000.00 Tel: WI/(715) 356-2875 email: schmerlattraum@msn.com (715) 356-2875Last Modified: 06/12/2003

1977 Piper Seneca II 2997 300 Beaufort SC $150,000
1977 PIPER SENECA II (PA34-200T), 2997-TT. 300/300 SMOH. HSI, KLN89B GPS, Loran, Stormscope, autopilot. 7/7 interior & exterior. Fresh annual, $150,000. SC/(843) 263-5489. (843) 263-5489Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1977 Piper Navajo 50 Lawrenceville GA
1977 PIPER NAVAJO, ONLY 375/50 SMOH, 175 SPOH, King Silver Crown IFR, RDR-160 radar, autopilot/ flight director, full deice, Keith Freon air, factory oxygen. $189,000. Call GA/(770) 963-8229. (770) 963-8229Last Modified: 08/08/2003

1977 Piper Navajo 3059 428 Chamblee GA $245,000
1977 PIPER NAVAJO, 3059 TT, 428/428 SMOH, nicest Navajo in the country, new P&I, privately owned. Asking $245,000. Home: (770) 751-0405. Office: (770) 458-8034. Cell: (404) 277-1760. (770) 751-0405Last Modified: 07/03/2003

1977 Partenavia 7914 550 $110,000
1977 PARTENAVIA P68B, TT 7914, LE 650 SMOH, RE 550 SMOH, LP 740 SMOH, RP 780 SMOH, King package Century III A/P, L/R tanks, new interior, 9/10 paint, $110,000. Last Modified: 08/07/2003

1976 Piper Seneca II 3460 1974 New Orleans LA $89,500
1976 SENECA II, TT3460, LE/RE 1974/2018 factory reman., 280 L&R prop, IFR certified, GPS, DME, ADF, oxygen, LR tanks, AP IIIC axis. NDH, new annual. Reduced to $89,500. LA/(504) 288-3006. http://www.usaaircraft.com (504) 288-3006Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1976 Piper Seneca II 2880 0 Centerville TN $148,500
1976 SENECA II, TT-2880, engines 0-TSMO (1800hr TBO), Garmin GNS 530 GPS. $148,500. TN/(866) 270-2631. (866) 270-2631Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1976 Piper Seneca II 2612 0 Vero Beach FL $189,000
1976 SENECA II, PA34-200T, TTAF-2612, TTE 0/0, 1800 TBO, SPOH-2612/0, Garmin GNS530/ 430 Com/Navs GPS, Garmin GTX-327 transponder, Garmin GMA340 audio control, Goodrich WX500 stormscope, new side windows January 2003, new leather interior January 2003, new paint March 2003. Fresh annual January 2003. L/R 123.00 gal. total fuel. $189,000. Contact Paris, FL/(772) 770-2708 or pgc1961@aol.comhttp://www.parisair.com (772) 770-2708Last Modified: 06/27/2003

1976 Piper Seneca II 3976 28 Sarasota FL $139,000
1976 SENECA II, N4396X, $139,000. 3976TT, 28-SMOH L&R, 3-blade, new paint and leather interior. NY/(315) 375-6789. (315) 375-6789Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1976 Piper Seneca II 4867 750 Maple Grove MN $129,900
1976 SENECA II, 4867 TT, R.E. (EB) 1427 SMOH, L.E. (E) 750 SMOH. New interior, excellent paint, full de-ice (new boots), Tanis heaters, all AD's & SD's complete, Garmin 340, GNS-430 w/GS, GTX 327/ encoding, MB's, King 125 Nav/Com w/GS, DME, ADF, Altimatic IIIC w/GS coupled, WX10 stormscope, 6 place intercom, co-pilot A.I. Avionics Master Switch, NDH, logs complete, $129,900. MN/(763) 242-7301 ask for Dean (private party). (763) 242-7301Last Modified: 07/22/2003

1976 Piper Navajo C/R 5400 390 Lock Haven PA $169,500
1976 NAVAJO CR, 5400TT, 390/1020, 670 SPOH, full deice, King Silver Crown, KWX56 color, dual GS, Aug. 5000, Altimatic III, HSI, GPS, intercom, all logs, new style heater, Jan. annual, hangared, NMDH, price to sell. $169,500. PA/(570) 748-0820; Fax 748-3760. lhapa@adelphia.net (570) 748-0820Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1975 Piper Seneca II 4450 612 Scottsdale AZ
1975 SENECA II, asking $95,500. Gorgeous P&I, plastic, 4450TT, 612 SMOH, King loaded, GPS, alt. hold, intercom, clearance recorder. AZ/(480) 951-6270. (480) 951-6270Last Modified: 08/20/2003

1975 Piper Seneca II 3830 430 Northbrook IL $125,000
1975 SENECA II, 3830TT, 530 SFRML, 430 SFRMR, EB engines, dual KX170B, KN65, KR86, KLN90A GPS, KFC200 FD, HSI, Mono radar, intercom, LR tanks, known ice, O2, interior/ exterior good cond., detailed maint. history, $125,000. Gorman @ IL/(312) 364-8122 (days) or Tom @ IL/(847) 498-2630 x11(days), (847) 498-5987(eves); tom@tkjinc.comjgc@wmblair.com (312) 364-8122Last Modified: 05/21/2003

1975 Piper Seneca II 6130 395 Orlando FL $109,900
1975 PIPER SENECA II, PA34-T200, 6130 TT, LE-609 SMOH, RE-395 SFREM, fresh September annual, GEM1200 Graphic analyzer, 30 gallon long range Navelle tanks, KX175B/170B Nav/com, KN64 DME, Altimatic IIIC autopilot, wing tip lights, 4 place portable oxygen, 6 place ISO/ Com, 1996 paint & leather interior. Hangared. Professionally maintained includes Powertow. Reduced at $109,900 OBO. Contact: DinOn Sun @ FL/(407) 678-9926 or 927-6940. (407) 678-9926Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1975 Piper Seneca II 2304 323 Lake City TX $159,000
1975 PIPER PA-34-200T SENECA II, TT 2303.8, RE SMOH 322.9, R.P. SMOH 375.4; LE SMOH 351.2, LP SMOH 403.3. Asking $159,000. Call Tommy, TX/(386) 344-2000 or Greg, TX/(817) 907-4958. (386) 344-2000Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1975 Piper Navajo ON $180,000
1975 NAVAJO 600, radar, cargo door, HSI, 0-time engines, new boots, new paint. Exempt of AD2002-20-51. $180,000. Tel. CAN/(905) 677-2521; fax (905) 677-2634. (905) 677-2521Last Modified: 08/05/2003

1975 Piper Seneca II 3195 256 Ft Lauderdale FL $109,000
1975 3-BLADE SENECA II, 3195-TT, LE-256 & RE-254 SMOH (EB's), LP172 RP170 SNEW, King 155, Garmin 250XL GPS, Garmin 340 audio, BFG WX950 stormscope, Alt. IIIC A/P. Very clean, August annual. $109,000. Call Bob: FL/(954) 771-2502. (954) 771-2502Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1974 Piper Seneca I 4550 432 Scottsdale AZ $129,900
1974 SENECA I, RAJAY TURBOS, hangared Arizona, 4550TT, 432 SMOH L&R, LP 432 SMOH, RP 432 SNEW, Garmin 530/340, KX-155, KT-76C, KR-87, WX-10, oxygen, beautiful paint, recent interior, new windshield, very well maintained. $129,900. AZ/(602) 315-2055, (602) 568-7451, (602) 528-0560. (602) 315-2055Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1974 Piper Seneca I 10731 1005 Vero Beach FL $127,000
1974 SENECA 1 PA34-200, TTAF-10731, SFOH L&R 1005, 2000 TBO engines, IO-360C1E6, 200 hp, TTP 3787/ SMOH-1005, dual KX155 Nav/coms, KT76A, KMA24, KR87 ADF, WX950 stormscope, KLN94 GPS. 1 pc windshield. Annual May 2003. Leather interior/ paint September 2002. 93.00 US gallons. $127,000. Contact Paris, FL/(772) 770-2708 or pgc1961@aol.comhttp://www.parisair.com (772) 770-2708Last Modified: 06/27/2003

1974 Piper Navajo 7208 1126 Memphis TN $239,000
1974 PANTHER NAVAJO B: 7208 TT, 1126 on factory new 350hp engines, Garmin 530, KLN-90B, M1 Loran, KX-175B, WX-1000+, RDR-130, GRX-327 xponder, S-Tec 50 A/P w/preselect, Sandel HSI, full deice, air cond., Nacelle fuel tanks, cargo door, exec. int. $239,000. Planes of the South, TN/(901) 345-8356; Fax (901) 398-2682. (901) 345-8356Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1973 Piper Seneca I 4900 856 Miami FL $89,000
1973 SENECA I, TAIL N-103WA, only 4900 ACTT, 856 SMHO RE/LE, 25 prop TSOH, two KX97A, Nav 121/GS Nav 111/LOC, AT150 W/E 141 ADF 150, GPS digital tach new int 2002 ext. 8. Call Willie (809) 481-7863 or West FL/(305) 681-7619. US$89,000. Email omar@aircentury.com (809) 481-7863Last Modified: 07/11/2003

1973 Piper Seneca I 5400 2630 Bartonville TX $89,900
1973 SENECA I, 5400 TT, 725/2630 SFOH, slaved HSI, FD, KLN89B GPS, altimatic V FD-1, AP, 6-place intercom, 7th seat, gap seals. Paint 1998, interior 2000. $89,900. Jim, TX/(972) 839-6000. (972) 839-6000Last Modified: 07/29/2003

1973 Piper Seneca I 2880 Clinton AR $47,500
1973 PA34-200, 2880 TT, good avionics, nose gear area damage and prop strikes, excellent project, only $47,500. Call Will, Dawson Aircraft, AR/(501) 745-5300. View photos: (501) 745-5300Last Modified: 08/08/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 3300 1440 Kansas City MO $135,000
1972 SENECA, RAYJAY TURBOS, full deice, 3300 TT, 1680/ 1440 SMOH, digital King avionics, WX-10 stormscope, Garmin GPS-150, Alt. IIIB-1 AP, KCS55A HSI, RH panel, Nov. 2002 annual. $135,000. Ozark, FL/(305) 233-6550 or MO/(816) 421-3333. (305) 233-6550Last Modified: 08/18/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 5600 1670 Hamilton OH $58,500
1972 SENECA, 5600 TT, 1670 SMOH L&R, King equipped w/Autopilot, P&I 6, annual due 8/2003. Needs some avionics repair. Fly home for $58,500. Call Joe @ OH/(513) 896-9999. (513) 896-9999Last Modified: 07/21/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 4183 92 Punta Gorda FL $109,500
1972 SENECA I, PA34-200, 4183TT, 1236/92 SMOH, props 75, IFR King, Apollo loran, intercom, DME, AP, P&I average, annual 4-03, $109,500. Mod Works, Ind., Rob Rose, FL/(941) 637-6770. (941) 637-6770Last Modified: 07/15/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 6644 848 Van Nuys CA $76,900
1972 SENECA I, 6644-TT, 2074/848 SMOH, new paint, $76,900. CA/(818) 780-3455. http://www.kenmcinturff.com (818) 780-3455Last Modified: 08/01/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 5615 1670 Hamilton OH $61,500
1972 SENECA I, 5615 TTAF, 1670 SMOH L&R, 1020 SPOH L&R, King IFR, 6-pl intercom, III-B AP, decent P&I, great twin time builder or trainer. $61,500. Call Joe, OH/(513) 896-9999. (513) 896-9999Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 7736 75 Sebastian FL
1972 SENECA I 7736TT, 75/75 SMOH, King IFR HSI, RMI, new paint, interior, glass. C.P inst & brakes. Many extras. Best offer. Will trade/ deliver FL/(772) 589-0800. (772) 589-0800Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 7800 100 Phoenix AZ $99,000
1972 SENECA 1, 7800 TT, both engines 100 SMOH, L/prop new, R/prop 100-SOH, Collins radios, audio panel, KN64 DME, paint good, interior good, nose gear STC, $99,000. AZ/(602) 768-4639. (602) 768-4639Last Modified: 08/08/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 5250 185 Mechanicsville VA $125,000
1972 PIPER SENECA-I, 5250TT, 185 SMOH both engines, 350 L&R prop, MX170B, KX175B,Trimbe 2000 GPS, KLN89B GPS, ALT IIIB-I autopilot, 6-place intercom. $125,000. VA/(804) 779-2958. (804) 779-2958Last Modified: 08/04/2003

1972 Piper Seneca I 6231 1261 Burlington NC $78,900
1972 PA34-200, N1230T. 6231 TTLE, 1261 SMOH by Triad Aviation, 621 SFOHRE. Garmin GPS150, King KMA-20 ILS receiver, dual King KY97A Nav/Coms, King KR85 ADF, Narco AT150 transponder, Narco 190 DME, Sigtronics SPA-400 intercom. $78,900. Contact Gary Herman, Burlington, NC/(800) 334-6437; Cell (336) 516-4724; Fax (336) 227-1258. (800) 334-6437Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1969 Piper Navajo 6835 1435 Fort Myers FL $119,900
1969 PA-31-310, 6835TT, 1435 SMOH, 10 SPOH, Narco/ King IFR, good P&I, only $119,900. FL/(239) 278-3113. (239) 278-3113Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1969 Piper Navajo 9020 1220 Great Bend KS $115,000
1969 NAVAJO , AS IS, where is, last annual 8/01, no logs prior to 1996, extensive annual and updates completed 12/'96. Aircraft flew over 300hrs between 1997 and 2001. Estimated TT9020hrs. estimated TSMOH 1220hrs L, 1520hrs R, new P&I 1996, King equipped, more information on request. Asking $115,000. Midwest Aviation Sales, KS/(620) 792-4349. (620) 792-4349Last Modified: 07/23/2003

1968 Piper Navajo 6250 1025 Janesville WI $135,000
1968 NAVAJO 31-310, 6250 TT, 1025 SMOH, VanDusen, upgraded to TIO540-A2C, 3-bladed hot props, 575 SNEW, dual instruments, boots, hot w/s, Collins Microline, Nav, Com, audio selector, ADF, TXP, R-Nav, DME. KWX-56 color radar, slaved HSI, Trimble 2000T GPS, Telex ICS. 8 seats, potty, well maintained, excellent records, paint very good. $135,000. Tradewind International (800) 585-7004. WI/(608) 756-3632. Fax (608) 756-2606 info@tradewindinternational.com (800) 585-7004Last Modified: 08/11/2003

1968 Piper Navajo 8650 1680 Kutztown PA
1968 NAVAJO $120,000. 8650TT, 1680/220 SFOH, 800 SPOH. Priced to sell! PA/(215) 982-0020. drfrank@enter.net
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

I too think this falls under incidental to business because your main job is not flying but sales. The company also owning/leasing the airplane takes some heat off you also. Even though you are demo a product for sale my understanding is that flying there is just a quicker way to be at the demo show. It would be just like them giving you a car to drive there for the show. The airplane itself is not producing the income. But like the others say if still confused or hestiate contact AOPA or an aviation attorney what can it hurt to ask.
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

Incidental to employment has nothing to do with it.

Your employer has every right to handle a portion of his business by utilizing a plane. As a commercial pilot, you can certainly fly, and be compensated, for business flying. It's all considered Part 91 as long as he doesn't use the aircraft "for hire" - transporting people who are paying for the ride or cargo belonging to someone else in exchange for compensation. You and he need to be aware of the rules because if *he* breaks them *your* ticket will be at risk.

If he's buying the aircraft you can certainly have input and may help do the shopping. (Go for a Gulfstream - very nice "twin"!
) However, if it's going to be leased or rented you're better off not being involved in the transaction if at all possible. Many FBOs won't rent to someone who's not a pilot, and that's part of the problem.

Here's a great link on the subject. If you're not familiar with Doc's FAR Pages, you need to be.
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

Nice explanation CJ and thanks for the link. I was not aware of that site. I was thinking samething in my earlier post because it would be like the employer giving him a car to drive for the demo. The employer is just utilizing the best means of transportation.
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

Glad to help. It is something like using a car, only different! I could charge other people to ride in my car, but the FAA takes a dim view of that in my aircraft. (Narrow minded I call it!
) Anyway, I get your point. Commercial aviation is full of potential traps, both for aircraft owners and pilots. It pays to learn the rules and also to have a good aviation attorney in the "wings".

Doc's FAR Pages is a great reference. Doc used to be a part 61 consultant. Don't know if that's still one of his "hobbies", but he's "The Man" when it comes to understanding and interpreting the regs. He's always professional, full of accurate information, and has access to the right people at the FAA when a question arises. His main page contains several options, one of which is the forum for questions. There's another that contains numerous examples of logging vs acting since that also seems to come up a *lot*!

This is a nice forum. I registered a year ago and then forgot about it! My bad!
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

"It is something like using a car, only different! I could charge other people to ride in my car, but the FAA takes a dim view of that in my aircraft"

I'm pretty sure if you charged people to ride in your car, then in most states you would need to get a CDL. Also insurance for using your car as a bussiness.Kinda like taxis.
Re: Question for you FAR Guru\'s

Thank you to all who responded to my question. As I understand it, the only way for me to be on the safe side is if the owner buys the aircraft and hires me as the pilot. Does that make me completely legal or are there still snags in there somewhere?

Unfortunately, I don't think the owner will go for buying a plane, eventhough he's loaded. I was hoping this oppertunity would rise and give me a shot at building some good time, but only time will tell.

The explanation by Sierra Pilot and CJ were very helpful and thanks for putting that bowl of literature into perspective.

If anyone else has some input by all means send it my way. Thanks again.