Question for Captain Bob?


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Captain Bob,

If I remember right you went to the Dallas location, right?

I am looking at going to that location also so can you give me the run down of that ATP location? If you have time.

How much training did you acually do there and/or what rating did you have to go else where to recieve? And how long were you gone if you went to other locations for other training?

what was the typical day like as far as ground school, flying and home time?

Did you get to use the newer planes most of the time?

What was the examiners like for your check rides?


congrats on finishing the program, I bet that is a great feeling!!!

Is there much hireing going on in Dallas for CFI's?
Well I can give you my own opinion if you would like...since I went through the program in Dallas and finished about a week ahead of Captain Bob.
Dallas was a great place to go....
The apartments we lived in were great...brand new and very nice. The instructor's there are some of the most knowledgable and sincere I have seen to date...and very professional! The planes we use in Dallas are all 2000 - 2001 models, all the time. The examiner is a great guy. He spent a lot of time helping me to understand some of the stuff I was having trouble with, and he taught me a lot, believe me.
As far as how much time you spend are pretty much at the airport every day, with exceptions for weather and what not for the first month and a half or so. After that you are out doing all your cross country flights. Then when you return your there for about another two weeks while your doing your commercials. Then it's down to Florida for your initial CFI...which in this case is the MEI. Then back to Dallas for your CFII and CFI. I hope I kind of answered your questions.....if you have any can e-mail me anytime.
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So you pretty much do all your training at Dallas exept your initial MEI. Is this correct?

How does the cross country work and how long does it take?

You've been a great help! Thanks
I did all my ratings in Dallas except the initial MEI, which I did the training in Jacksonville, and the checkride in Ft. Lauderdale. All others: Multi Private, Instrument, Commercial Multi, Commercial Single, CFII, and CFI I did in Dallas. The cross country phase is awesome! You get dispatched out and fly pretty much all over the place. It varies on length, but I'd be safe in saying that your gone somedays from 7 in the morning until 5 or 6 that afternoon, and other times you are out on the road for a week before you come back. But we had a great time! I was in DC for a couple days, and went and saw the sights..Phoenix....etc etc. Of course I did spend one thrilling day in Newton Kansas, but I make my own many people can attest to.....
I finished ATP's Airline Career Pilot program on May 19th of 2003 and Dallas is a great location. ATP is located at Arlington Municipal. For the most part, this location only uses NEW Seminoles. I found the examiner there to be very fair. I did my multi-private, instrument, commercial multi, commercial single, and CFI single at this location. I got my MEI & CFII in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was in Atlanta for about 10 days and Ft. Lauderdale for about 4 days. Otherwise, my training was in Dallas. A typical day in the early portions of the training was like sim, fly, and then hit the books. As far as ground school, there was some, but not a lot (outside of CFI school). This is a demanding course and you are expected to do a lot in your own time. If you got more questions, let me know. Good luck!

Hi there Aviator,

Apologies for not responding sooner... I just got back from a vacation in Maine.

It does look like Chip's done a good job in answering your questions... not much more I could add... except... I researched some of my previous responses to questions like yours and ironically, I found a response I made... to you... in a similar thread seen here --->
ACPP Questions

I guess the only other thing that I could add is that my time for my initial CFI was done in Jacksonville and I was there for 10 days. 5 days of ground school... 70 hours worth! 7am to 9pm, Mon-Fri! Quite hectic, but it definately helped. We then had one day off, then two days of practice flying and spins, then we flew to Tampa for our Checkride... My Flight Partner did his on one day and I did mine on the other. My flight partners Oral was close to 6 hours long, mine was about 4 hours, and we had different examiners who asked different questions.

All other ratings were done in Dallas, and as Chip stated the Examiner is fair. If you don't meet standards you don't pass... pretty straight forward. Know the PTS!

Get your writtens out of the way before you arrive and you will have tons of free time. That's probably the best advice I could give you prior to starting.

As far as hiring in Dallas for CFI's... Don't know just yet... I'm hitting the pavement with resume in hand this coming week. So I'll have a better answer for you in about 2 weeks.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the Congrats! I appreciate it!

Good Luck in your decision!


How does the cross country work and how long does it take?

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This is pretty straight forward as well... Dispatch tells you when and where you will fly to, what plane you will take, and when you arrive Dispatch will tell you when and were to fly to, and what plane to take, and when you arrive Dispatch will tell you when and where you will fly to, and what plane to take, and when you arrive... Repeat for two weeks!

Seriously though... it's pretty close to that. Stay flexible, be at the airport when Distach expects you to be there, and pack for 5 days even if you are doing an out & back, and you will do fine.

This was the best time of the program for me, and I've heard the same comment from many others. It's when you get to step up and really fly, just you and your flight partner, to destinations you've never been to before. This really honed my skills and made me so much more comfortable flying to new locations.

You fly primarily to other ATP locations... stay in company apartments or paid hotels if no apartments are available. Fuel is paid by ATP, and Transportation while on the road is also paid for. Again pretty straight forward... you just fly the plane where they tell you to.

Good Luck, you will love this part of the program!

Capt. Bob, Chip,Joe-

John out of the Dallas office, got my commercials out of the way and went to CFI class in Atlanta, waiting to got to Ft. Lauderdale for the checkride.

Heard Chip and Joe were still doing some flying. let me know where yous guys are.

Bob, give me a call sometime or email me. I am in Dallas all this week and maybe we can get together and fly or just talk about future job possibilities.
What's up? I was looking at photos of your wedding today as a matter of fact. Some we took with our camera.....How are you? Joe and his wife just left Chicago today...I was going to come to Dallas this weekend but ended up staying up here and hanging with them. We did a lot of flying this weekend around Chicago and Wisconsin...some good stuff I'll have to share with you. Hope all goes well on your MEI stuff......give me a call when you can....or drop me an e-mail.