Question about "Throughout (insert state)"


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I'm going to the NYC PEPC for my "Throughout North Carolina" application. Will they give you a choice of cities? Do they just assign one to you and expect you to take it or leave it right then and there?

I've been trying to become an ATC for over a year now. I have 3 applications in and it just happens that this NC one was the first to go through. I assume that I'm still in the running for the others but who knows. Some of the cities would be great, others...not so much. Not to mention that I'm 12 minutes from the Charlotte airport.

Any help?


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I don't think you're in the running for others. That's why you have to keep applying. Once they make a decision on a certain application, it's done and over with, from what I understand.


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From what I've read, I believe it's "Here's XXX, take it or leave it."

I applied to the FEBOTS NAT1, and got chosen for NC, still waiting on an interview. I have family in WNC, and will be moving E of AVL, so I'm hoping to get AVL or CLT, but may consider other offers.


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yeah, the way I've read it, the national postings have got to pick their locations...even if its a '1,2,3..' list. Those of us who applied for a "throughout ____" just have to take whats given.

I do think that the good out weighs the bad and I hope my PEPC goes well. I truly believe that it will all work out.

2 more weeks of waiting...

3/07 - decided to pursue ATC as a career
6/07 - applied online
6/07 - approved for ATSAT
1/08 - took ATSAT (91.2)
7/08 - PEPC in NYC