question about my AME


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Dr. Forred --

After many years of flying and numerous AME visits over the years, I've just had an unpleasant experience that still has me bothered. After my last AME retired, I found a new one and had an exam. He found high bp on the first try and questioned my use of sleep drugs (which I'd disclosed on previous apps with no problem, but turn out to be disqualifying). Based on this, the doctor suggested I see him for an expensive physical the following week, implying that he could rehab me and help me get my medical. I said I already had a treating physician and a cardiologist and turned him down. The FAA asked for explanatory letters from my treating physicians, required I discontinue use of the drugs, etc., and eventually I got my medical -- but not before this AME demanded two more visits, took blood, etc., etc., and charged me quite a lot of money for procedures that didn't seem to make any difference to the FAA (they only gave me my medical after receiving my physicians' letters). Though this doctor was clearly the toughest AME I've encountered in more than 30 years of flying, I don't quibble with his disqualifying me (though I wish he'd given me a chance to calm down and taken a 2nd bp reading, something most docs seem to do). But is it OK for an AME to solicit business from a pilot who obviously already has two treating physicians? That put me in a very awkward position, since he effectively had control of my pilot's license. I realize this question puts you in an awkward position in talking about another doctor, but I don't know who else to ask. Several months have gone by, but this still disturbs me.