Question About Logging Multi Engine PIC


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Obviously I have a ways to go untill this affects me, but my question is; once I get my multi rating can I log PIC when I fly the King Air or Navajo with my parents, if I don't have the school? The school's an insurence thing so is it still illegal to log the time PIC?
For the most part, there may be only one PIC in the aircraft.

I think as long as the King Air is operated beneath FL180 and is less than 12,500, you really don't "require" a shool for it. You can legally hop in a Navajo with a fresh, ink-still-wet multi-engine rating and fly to your heart's content, but it necessarily isn't adviseable.
If you're rated in the airplane (multi-rating) and are the sole manipulator of the can log it as PIC time as long as it's a part 91 operation and the King Air doesn't require a type rating.
How do you determine who the PIC is? If I'm in the left seat and have a M/E rating am I PIC as far as the FAA is required and my mom's PIC for insurence?
Insurance has nothing to do with logging PIC time....has nothing to do with the FAA. You and your mom can't both solely manipulate the controls at the same time. I would guess that insurance won't allow you to be PIC, therefore, your mom would have to be sole manipulator of the controls for your insurance to be in force. So....during the times when you are the sole are violating the insurance policy.
So, that means I can't log PIC?
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