Question about 90 day program


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It says you need a 2 year degree at least to enter this program. I am currently training to get my Private (age 16) and my plan was to attend ATP to get all my lisences to CFII and then attend a 4 year college while Flight Insturcting. Does anyone know if they have any conditoins where they let you take the 90 day program with out a 2 year degree or will I have to take the 10 month program?

Thanx in advance.
What they are looking for is college equivalency. If you have had some work experience or anything else to show that you can commit to the every day-90 day program then you will most likely not have a problem signing up for the Career Pilot Program.

Call the guys in the office (800)-255-2877, and talk to them. I only had one summer semester of college and it worked out fine for me.
Wow hunter, wish I read this thread earlier- you answered one of my main questions from my thread.

As i'm really still working out whether I want to get my PPL at JAX (or here), I'm not sure what I'm going to do. If I got mY PPL here I plan to take a semester of schooling, but I'm on a very low income so 100% of my money for ATP is loans, and I doubt I could get loans to also cover PPL training if I did it here.

I have considered that if I went to ATP in the fall, I could take some college courses over the summer, just to show a bit of commital (and to get ahead when I work on a degree while building hours).
makes sense to me