Quality of Instruction


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I'm doing some research on the MESA ab initio program, and haven't quite found the info I'm looking for on the yahoo discussion group. Rightly or wrongly, I've gotten the vibe that the instructors at MESA might not take the vested interest in the success of their students that instructors at many of the non-university programs do- that if you don't catch on right off they're not going to spend too much time to see that you do. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into some of the things written here. In any case, if anyone can characterize the atmosphere there I'd surely appreciate it. Thanks!
I only have limited experience from my visit to the school. I felt that everyone involved in the program wants each student to succeed. However, I don't think they will spoon feed anyone and it seems to take a fair amount of initiative on the students part to succeed. I didn't hear any of the students that I talked to having anything bad to say about the quality of instruction. In fact, most of the instructors are also hoping for job interviews at Mesa, so I think that they want to do as good a job at instructing that they can. Just my $0.02 worth. Be happy to answer any other questions that I can.
Thanks for your reply. Just trying to get a feel for the place- will they help if you're having trouble, or are you on your own. Don't know why I'm so paranoid about this, it must be that I'm assuming I'm going to be the guy that's clueless.