Q for those IT/engineers out there


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What can someone with a BS Comp Sci and a BS in EE do while flying for a regional in order to make so extra cash? Just wondering if I'd be better off working full-time, THEN flying for a regional rather than working part-time while flying 80 hrs a month. Thanks.
yeah, but consultants like full-time'ers for the most part (especially when it comes to managing or designing projects)... could do part time temp work, you get paid more and it's good if you don't need a steady job or paycheck everyday...

but - the work can be quite unstable...
You are defenitely right, Kristie. I was speaking as though he already had an established clientele/reputation etc.
Starting out, it is just like a full-time gig. Like some other careers, once a good base/reputation is established, you can be more selective in the jobs, etc. and still bring in good income.
Could always do web hosting.

Or maybe get with an FBO and be their IT guy. I know that a lot of FBO's and flighschools have a lot of computers and really no one to care for them.

If you could get a development gig that didn't require you to be on site that might work out for you.

I have been a computer consultant for my entire career. There is really no part time work doing that but you could get your teaching certs(mcse,mcsd,cisco) the folks who teach those courses make good money and work odd hours.