puzzled on upcoming interview question


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hi all,

i have been invited to an interview in the next 3 weeks, and following a bad experience from my last interview wish to get some good advice from some of you.

what is the best direction to take when the

"you are a co-pilot and your pilot turns up to work after lunch and admits to having a single beer during lunch.... do you fly or not? "

style question......

do you maintain the regs and not fly under any circumstances, fly and stay in his good books because he has only had 1 beer, or what?

another thing... i have an atpl (2000hrs), but have been out of flying now for 4 years. i completed my atpl theory about 10years ago. can anyone give some good reference urls for atpl study questions?

any help really appreciated

thanks nudge
Most important thing to remember is that there is no "right" answer. The interviewers are trying to get to know you and how you think. "Canned" answers will not help you, especially if they feel you are BSing them.

Try to stay logical and focused, and you should be ok. Nobody expects you to be a perfect saint, and conversely no one expects you to do anything foolish either.

Aside: Any captain who has a beer during lunch needs a new career ... NOW.
From what I've gotten from other pilots when bringing up this question to them this what they have told me.
Think in this train of thought:
-Some common sense

If you let a captain fly after 1 beer even though you and I both know it's hard to feel anything after 1 beer, a reg has been broken and that is illegal. I suggest you tell the captain to call in sick and have someone else take his/her leg.
Tell the pilot he needs to call in sick, and tell him if he ever shows up like this again you will tell the chief pilot.

The interviewer is searching to see if you are going to overreact to a problem that can be dealt with at your level. They also want to see how you are going to protect thier interests. What if this guy repeats this behavior ... Now the company needs to know, again use the internal leadership channels ie: tell the chief pilot, not the 6 O'Clock News.

The company doesn't want you to rationalize ... its only one beer, because if there is an incident that one beer will be one too many and could lead to embarassment, loss of revenues, or worst yet Law Suits.

Hope this helps.