pure tone test?


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Can some please explain the better ear poorer ear thing on the chart in the FAR/AIM.


Does this mean that you must hear this Hz between 40Db and 60Db?

And does this mean one ear must be at least 40Db at this Hz and at least 60Db with the other one?

Also what can I compair to 60Db and 40Db? (clock ticking,computer running, etc...)

Thanks !
when i got my medical done, i didn't even get a "real" hearing test. The doc just talked to me while my back was turned and he was facing downwords. I think they just want to make sure you can hear whats going on in everyday life
Actually, that is a real hearing test.

As long as you can hear a whispered word at X feet, that's qualification to pass.

My aeromed doc in MKE would put me in the sound room, whereas my doc here in PHX just does the whispered word test.

The worst part is, is that most pilots have a degree of hearing loss to start with. Perhaps they're actually testing how honest you were in the flight experience box!
I didn't even get that much of a hearing test for my first class. I didn't have one at all. I guess the doc just paid attention to how easily I was able to hear him as he was talking in a normal conversational volume. Had I asked him to repeat himself numerous times, he may have had me turn my back, stand 6 feet away...

I'm not sure what the regulation is and I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I belive it says something to the effect of, having the ability to hear and understand normal conversational volume. So unless the AME is very beaurocratic, you probably won't have to do an actual "tone test" where you put on headphones and raise your hand when you hear the beep.
The worst part is that even if you could hear a whispered voice at 10 feet (or whatever it is), in everything from a loud Beech Baron (with the props out of synch) all the way up to a 777, you couldn't hear it anyway.