"PURE" Fast-Acting Adaptogen Spray???


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Hi guys,

A pilot-friend of mine was given "Pure" spray to help her sleep from a friend. She is worried that it will affect her DOT blood test and I wanted to confirm that it will not.

Their website it http://cyberwize.com/corp and it's listed under "Tunguska Mist Pure." We highly doubt that it will be effective, but we're curious. Just don't want her to pop positive for Meth/Crack on her random test:).

Here's a wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptogen

Again, not promoting and/or endorsing this Amway-like product... she was just given it and wants to know.


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These are all naturally occurring products and are not controlled y the FDA. They should be OK. The one caution is they contain 2 types of mushroom but I do not think that will set off the bells at the DOT drug screen machine.