Pulling the Trigger! - Update (one year later)


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So, one year after moving out to Korea to save money for flight training, I can report that I have been successful in exceeding my initial goal. Despite an adverse exchange rate of late, I was able to save enough to finance my flight training from the 65tt I now have to Multi-comm - and probably further.

In full disclosure, I did get a promotion in March, invested small portions of my savings in advisory options trades each month, dabbled a little in journalism, and also took on extra work p/t bar tending, but mission accomplished nonetheless.

It was an excellent social/cultural/money-saving experience overall, and I would be happy to exchange emails/PMs with other JCers who are thinking of pursuing debt-free options for their flight training by coming here.

I'll be in Dallas (never been there, kinda apprehensive) with the folks by the end of next week. I'm VERY stoked to see my family, my old friends, eat a real steak, drink non-crap beer, and do a little flying (not in that order)! I'll get some more solo time and hopefully can earn my multi-engine rating too within the next two months.

That being said, I have also decided to return to Korea next year and have signed another teaching contract, to begin February. Given the economic situation in the U.S., and contract terms that will exceed this past year's savings potential, I feel that its better strategically to raise cash for another twelve months. While it's likely that Korea will experience a "hard landing" economically into next year, private English classes are one of the last things a Korean family would forgo for their children. A tough choice, but it seems safer than earning all of my ratings during next year only to be short cash and possibly a CFI job into next year. (I'd be interested in hearing some contrary/alternative opinions from other JCers...)

So, I guess "pulling the trigger" is/was a bit of a misnomer. Yes, actions were taken a year ago which bring me closer to professional aviation, but not at bullet speed as the thread title implied. I've decided to enjoy the ride, raise cash, and play it safe for the next twelve months. I hope to grab a brewski with a few forum members over the next couple of months before I return to the ROK.

Thanks to all for your encouragement and help on this long(er) journey.


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I'm really glad to see how well things worked out for you. I've got enough saved up to start training now, but like you said, the economic situation in America, combined with the terrible exchange rate with the won, doesn't make it an ideal time to come back. I just signed another contract with my public school yesterday, but if the exchange rate improves next year, then I'll hopefully return to the States in the summer.

I'd also be happy to discuss options here in Korea for those looking to save a decent amount of cash.

Have a good time with friends and family next week~