puddle jumpers, any experience?


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Aloha, I'm new to this forum and have been considering a career change (or at least a hiatus from my current job as a nurse). I have a good job, good pay, and a lot of experience with safety, assisting people, customer service (and I'm told I'm always smiling and upbeat). I'm also very familiar with the various cultures we have in Hawaii (along with some decent knowledge about the islands that may be of interest to customers)

Obviously I'll be looking into Hawaiian Air but was also interested in some of the Hawaii based island hopper flights , does anyone have info to share about Go or Mokulele or any of the smaller interisland companies and FA experiences? It looks like frequent, hour long flights would be necessary but island hopping is pretty fun. I'm already living in Hawaii (seven years) with stable employment history. I do understand the downsides of being a FA however I'm focusing on the positive. I do enjoy people and customer service.


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Id go with Hawaiian and stay away from Go. They have a fairy bad reputation. You should also consider that an FA job will pay well below what you are likely making as a nurse, even at a high seniority pay rate and I hear Hawaii isnt a cheap place to live. Just some food for thought.


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Thank you both :) I have more general questions will start a new thread :) aloha . Ps nursing is good money but not always good life


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Mesa (go!) has not been hiring since 2008, their most junior captain is like 8 years, plus the pay isn't very good (especially for Hawaii.)